Lesbian Relationships More Violent Than Heterosexual Relationships

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Background: The historic, one-of-a-kind conference “From Ideology to Inclusion: Evidence-Based Policy and Intervention in Domestic Violence” was held in Sacramento, California February 15-16 and was a major success. The conference was sponsored by the California Alliance for Families and Children and featured leading domestic violence authorities from around the world.

One of the issues Dr. Dutton discussed at the conference is domestic violence between lesbians. This is an important and relevant issue, of course, in part because it provides a look at Intimate Partner Violence without the pervasive assumption that the violence in families is almost always caused by men. It also allows us to examine Intimate Partner Violence outside of the feminist Duluth model, which says that it is men who commit IPV, and they do so as part of their role in the patriarchy.

Dutton cited one study of 1,100 lesbian or bisexual women who are in abusive lesbian relationships. The study, which was conducted in Phoenix, found that the women were more likely to have experienced violence in their previous relationships with women than in their previous relationships with men.

Dutton explained that in general research shows that domestic violence is more common in lesbian relationships than in heterosexual relationships.

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DV Conference Report #8: Violence is more common in lesbian relationships than in heterosexual ones

  1. Mr Common
    November 7th, 2014 at 00:06 | #1

    Nope, not true at all. This page should be removed. Lesbian relationships have about the same rate of violence as heterosexual relationships. They do it for the same reasons males/females in a heterosexual relationship abuse women/men. Use the google for real studies, not from some misogynist. I have no skin in the game, except I am a professional and use peer reviewed studies from credible sources. Focus on the Family is a religious organization with an agenda, not to be considered by sociologists to be a credible source of information.
    Much of what’s on this website is good information, but not this.

  2. Bahamian truthsayer
    March 17th, 2015 at 03:23 | #2

    @ Mr Common
    use the “GOOGLE” eh? should have said yahoo or something else..but “GOOGLE”? surely you jest.

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