Men Are Not the Only Victims of Borderlines

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November 14th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

(Click here for more coverage of Borderline Personality Disorder.)

The web site My Trip to Oz and Back to which this blog entry links is an apparently factual letter describing a relationship between two women, one of whom was a Borderline. When you first read it, you may identify with Chris (the non-BP) being a man and Terry (the BP) being a woman as it may be confusing as the site doesn’t come right out and state that this BP destructiveness was taking place between two women.

This goes to show that destructive Borderline behaviors have little or nothing to do with gender. There are Borderline men, too, who harm their lovers and children just as Borderline women do. We as a society need to learn to recognize Borderline behaviors and to help protect the victims and to get the ill into effective mental healthcare, regardless of their gender or sexuality.

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