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The Family Terrorist

November 4th, 2008 3 comments

This web site (linked here and below) has a chapter from a book written by an author (Erin Pizzey) who founded DV shelters for women in the 1970s.  She talks about what many people run into during a divorce, especially with a spouse who suffers from a personality disorder such as BPD.  Despite the author’s background in dealing with violence against women, she clearly states that it is not only men who are abusive.  She discusses how women can be “emotional terrorists” and do immense damage to families, even leading to the deaths of family members.  She notes that many of these emotional terrorists cause the breaking up of families and further become highly active during  divorces, using false allegations, financial ruination, litigation, threats, defamation, child abduction, refusal to cooperate with visitation and custody orders, and other means to control and dominate their families and ex-spouses.

The Emotional Terrorist and the Violence-Prone