US Supreme Court Denies Richard Fine Appeal Stay Request

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The US Supreme Court has denied issuing a stay to halt the imprisonment of jailed attorney Richard Fine. Fine has been kept in Los Angeles County jail in solitary confinement by Sheriff LeRoy Baca for more than 14 months due to orders of Judge David Yaffe, a judge who is intent on silencing Fine by abusing contempt of court powers as he uncovered and widely publicized the corruption of the Los Angeles courts and the illegal payments made by the county to the judges there. The corruption has resulted in the county winning almost without exception every lawsuit in which it has been involved since 2005.

In orders issued on April 26, 2010, the US Supreme Court declared:

(from US Supreme Court Orders of April 26, 2010)

09A827 (09-1250) FINE, RICHARD I. V. BACA, SHERIFF, ET AL.

The application for stay addressed to Justice Ginsburg and referred to the Court is denied.

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US Supreme Court Now Clearly Supports Political Imprisonment

If you’ve been following this story, you should understand this is yet another indication that the courts and governments of the United States and its states and localities are aligned against the citizens to what might be a degree unprecedented in the history of the nation. They will cover for each other at every turn just as the California legislature has done by passing bill SBX211 to retroactively grant immunity to the county and judges for the illegal payments. There is little reason to believe that the courts and government will comply with the law when they see that doing so threatens their power, control, and incomes that are often being made by violating the laws and abusing the civil and human rights of Americans.

April 26, 2010: The End of The Rule of Law In America

The video below was posted in September 2009, before Fine’s appeal reached the US Supreme Court.

Volunteers Fight Court Corruption to Free Jailed Attorney

In it, Fine supporter Fred Sottile states that if the US Supreme Court doesn’t free political prisoner Richard Fine then we will all know that the entire judicial system of the United States is corrupt.

Ultimately, if the Supreme Court doesn’t do the right thing, if they support the corrupt judges in the state here, in California, then we will know, with no question about it, that the entire United States supports a judiciary and the law that state that judges can just do whatever they want, any way they want, any time they want, to anyone they want.

As Fred Sottile feared, the end of the rule of law in the United States of America has come to pass.

It is now time for the citizens to take back their government and lives by any means necessary as it is now clear no courts in this county will dare to stop the rising tide of tyranny.

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