Internet Evidence of Suspicious Timing of Court Awareness of CCFC Protest and Arrest Warrant For Group Leader

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On April 15, CCFC co-founder and attorney Cole Stuart was arrested in what appears to be a stunt staged by San Diego family law system employees, possibly including Judge Lorna Alksne and Judge Lisa Schall. It appears incontrovertible that the impending CCFC protest at the San Diego County Bar Association family law seminar on April 15 was well-known to court employees starting on April 14, the day on which an arrest warrant was issued for Cole Stuart.

We have observed there was a spike in activity on our web site by employees of the San Diego Superior Court on that, less than two days after we posted our article discussing the impending CCFC protest at the SDCBA family law seminar. While this doesn’t prove judicial bias on its own, it shows these judges were likely aware of the impending protest. It is also consistent with the opinion that San Diego judges viewed having Cole Stuart arrested as an opportunity to quash vociferous political opponents by abusing their authority.

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Court Employees Widely Knew of CCFC Protest Planned for April 15

Below you can see a graph of activity from the “superior court of califronia. county of san diego” viewing articles on our web site. (Apparently they are not only unethical, they also don’t know how to spell California!)

San Diego Superior Court viewing activity on
SDSC viewing spike around their discovery of protest plans and issuing of arrest warrant

We published our article CCFC Protests San Diego Family Courts on April 15, 2010 on April 12. There were no views from San Diego Superior Court until April 14 when you can see there was a large burst of activity on the very day an arrest warrant was issued for Cole Stuart.

Coincidence? We think not. It looks like the San Diego courts and family law system have decided to declare a covert war on the parents they are abusing who have dared to speak up against the fraud, misconduct, and corruption. Arresting the parents is one of their “solutions” to the family court crisis. It’s the typical game of “kill the messenger” that San Diego family court judges like to play with litigants. Dirty judges play dirty games.

Judges Using TROs and Police As Weapons Against Vocal Parents

It appears that San Diego Police Department was forced by the family law system to arrest Cole Stuart and that Judge Lorna Alksne’s large security detail supplied by the San Diego Sheriff’s Department was involved in this abusive action.

On April 8, biased Judge Lisa Schall issued a TRO against Cole Stuart in what we currently believe was an ex-parte hearing over an email he sent to his ex-wife, Lynn Stuart, attempting to arrange times for him to talk with their son on the telephone. Schall has an axe to grind with him as he’s filed a Commission on Judicial Performance Complaint against her for what he perceives as egregious misconduct and bias.

Cole Stuart was not informed of the TRO until April 16, after he was arrested. How can somebody comply with a TRO when they are not informed of it? This strongly appears to be a wrongful arrest staged by the court manipulating law enforcement for its own agenda.

Judge Lisa Schall, the judge who issued the TRO against Cole Stuart, was reprimanded by the Commission on Judicial Performance for her past abuses against a family court litigant. Is this more of the same? Not exactly. That previous incident occurred in a court room with witnesses and with a court reporter creating a transcript. Now it appears these unethical judges are trying to hide their activities so they cannot be held accountable as there is no transcript covering what they have done for the CJP to review.

The speculation at this point is that Judge Lisa Schall and other parties, likely including Judge Lorna Alksne and her personal security army of sheriff’s deputies, forced SDPD to arrest Cole Stuart to silence and intimidate the protesters and punish him and them for having the audacity to oppose the court’s abuses against families.

There may be very little hard evidence of how any of this was planned by the judges. It is well-known that these judges talk about their cases with each other and that they circulate memos about litigants they do not like. But in this case, no writing or phone calls are necessary due to proximity. Schall works in the Sixth Avenue courthouse in department F2, just down the hallway from Alksne in the same courthouse in department F5. These two biased and corrupt judges easily had the motive and opportunity to set up this whole incident to try to retaliate against Cole Stuart and CCFC for their growing opposition and criticism of the San Diego family law courts and their financial entanglement with lawyers and court service providers such as ill-reputed psychological evaluator Stephen Doyne. Witnesses report there was a large amount of suspicious activity involving Judge Lorna Alksne, sheriff’s deputies, and SDPD officers that appears to be timed around the arrest.

San Diego Courts Are A Danger To Your Family And You

If you are going to be in a San Diego family law court, take this is a lesson. You cannot trust many of these judges. They will abuse their power to punish and silence people who speak out against their baseless, arbitrary, and biased rulings and arrogant and incompetent words and decisions. If there is any chance you may go through a divorce or child custody battle in San Diego, you should realize that until this system is reformed or replaced that your family’s well-being and your very freedom are in jeopardy due to Alksne, Schall, and judges like them.

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  1. CCFC
    April 16th, 2010 at 23:55 | #1

    As one of the protesters who was present I will say that this write-up is darn accurate. I don’t know who you are Angiemedia but you understand it. There were about 9 of us there protesting and we watched Alksne’s bailiff walk approximately 75 yards to SDPD staked out at cross street’s corners and talk to them, looking back at us, talking, looking at us. And we watched armed Off Duty Officers (ODO) likely employed by SDCBA do the same thing, and also watched a couple of plain-clothed SDCBA minions do the same thing, all looking at us pointing their fingers in our direction, all while we peacefully protested. We talked to SDPD and asked how we were doing, and they said we were alright, we were doing great as protesters.

    So let me get this straight. Stephen “cat” Doyne, the evaluator with fraudulent and misleading credentials, the one who lies on his CV about teaching experience, the one who teaches CRC 5.225 and 5.230 to the Judges, the evaluators and the Attorneys and who also has never filed an FL-326 form for almost a decade is in there teaching them again about “litigants behaving badly?” Then we have Attorney Cole Stuart who sent an email to his ex wife to coordinate talking with their son and he gets arrested?

    This all sounds extremely fishy to me.

    What is with the spike in Google Analytics data due to visits from SD Superior Court?

    Thank goodness for the internet!

    Where are the Feds! Where is the National Media on this one!

    San Diego Superior Court you are getting way, way, way out of line. It appears to me you are harboring and protecting one of your own evaluators who has “cat credentials,” and who lies, hurts families and children, yet you so very obviously to me arrange an arrest of a good and upstanding Father for trying to reach out to the other parent to respectfully coordinate communications with their child? Cole is not a criminal, he is a parent doing what a parent should do. This is not good for you Family Court. This is not good at all. Why do you violate well meaning parents? Why do you support cretons like Doyne with who lies to you and to the Public, and who harms many.

    Cole Stuart is a very good man.

    Judges behaving badly: you are bringing bad karma upon yourselves.

  2. Ben
    April 17th, 2010 at 15:55 | #2

    Cole Stuart III is a very good man. Since he created the Amicus Brief in support of Dr. Tadros case against Stephen Doyne who has “cat credentials” I have spoken with him a few times. He is a very grounded and intelligent human who has provided very good supportive ideas about relating better with your child and their mother.

    So he’s arrested for one phone call/email, whichever it is, to arrange communications with his son? What is this County that arrests him? What is this Judiciary that decides he needs to be arrested? I cannot believe what I’m reading, this is so scandalous it is unbelievable.

    Cole Stuart is a good man with good intentions, and stands up for the Families and Children in their support, as well as his own. Apparently, the local Bar and Judiciary just want to have him arrested?

    Is this America or are we living under inhumane dictator rule?

    I am proud and happy to know the arrested Cole! He’s a good guy who cares about Families and Children.

  3. From Emad Tadros MD
    April 17th, 2010 at 15:22 | #3

    From Emad Tadros, M.D.

    I was contacted by Mr. Cole Stuart in 2009 when he made an inquiry about my Discovery of Doyne’s Crystal Clear Fraudulent Credentials and Fake and Misleading Specialty Diplomate(s). Cole was first shocked with the discovery magnitude of such a clever, gentle, and such a “SMOOTH” operating professional.

    Cole is very much the only attorney who really cared about this issue from his heart where he is solidly sincere about establishing proactive constructive change in our courts. Cole repeatedly emphasized that we need to approach San Diego courts in the most professional, respectful and constructive ways to our judges and court’s administration. Cole is the reason as to why the 4-15-10 protest was very professional and well respected by our local authorities.

    Cole spent much thought creating our ethical Credos outline for any and all evaluators who would intend to do anything with San Diego children and families. His sincere intention is to spread this state wide, hopefully soon. These Credos are well rounded to simply weed out fraud, deception, giving every professional a chance to function with integrity, wisdom and passion about child’s best interest. Cole’s credos sincerely prioritize families and children at heart and ARE foremost ahead of any court professional’s gain or greed that destroys families, by the so called “court professionals.” Cole and I clearly have the sincere, one way passion, to pursue this forwards and REGARDLESS.

    Cole is also the one who has been constantly encouraging CCFC to be as much respectful as possible of the other parent. When I told Cole that the “Dismantlers” encourage each parent fighting to take the child from the other parent; Cole stated: “I would never do this to my son, I want my son to be cared by his mother and loved equally by both parents. I want to make sure that our son is “healthy.”

    Please note that the blogs I have written earlier were influenced to a good degree by Cole’s input to me. His input is healthy, loving and constructive. His heart is in the right place and this man is extremely bright and sincere at heart. I have all the more respect to Cole who is clearly a good hearted professional. It was my pleasure to stand by him on the day of his fabricated and illegal arrest. This man is a blessing rescue to our values, really respects his wife, and never said anything negative about her. That should speak volumes of who this Cole is to start with.

    We are all proud of Cole and COLE IS NOW OUR HERO. To the fact that Cole’s values are well rooted and sincere we trust Cole and we will support him endlessly. We are confident that the truth will only grow and credentials’ fraud will just have to keep running with his tail between his legs.

    Stay Tuned for Cole’s 2009/2010 Credos. We will publish them soon, once we get Cole’s permission.

    Emad Tadros, M.D.
    Board Certified, Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

  4. Harold Rose – Member CCFC
    April 17th, 2010 at 18:09 | #4

    Very well said, Dr. Tadros.

    I want to add that Dr. Tadros himself is a hero as well.

    Dr. Emad Tadros is a hero to the public at large. A hero especially to families who are caught up in the San Diego mess of a divorce system to include attorneys who proudly stand in court and highly recommend fraudulent psychologists to get involved so the fees and the incestual court relationships exacerbate ad-infinitum.

    The abuse to families in crisis in the San Diego Family Court system is unforgivable and criminal in nature. Dr. Tadros, a highly respected board certified M.D. and TRUE DIPLOMATE OF THE AMERICAN BOARD OF PSYCHIATRY AND NEUROLOGY, is an immigrant from Egypt and a very good Christian Man. Dr. Tadros is an expert witness in his field, and has been called to testify as such. Anyone who has come to know Dr. Tadros clearly sees that he is a fine man, a wonderful human being, and a caring soul. He cares for the well-being of parents and children similar to Cole Stuart. Both of these gentlemen are well respected human beings. I have not met a soul who respects fraudulent Psychologists who lie, wrought with deceit, and come off at first as though they are well-meaning gentle people. This quickly erodes and reveals the true nature of their souls. The same holds true for the many greedy family attorneys in this town. Those attorneys who never bothered to check the credentials of those so-called professionals that they are so quick to have come on board their family law cases. Attorneys who don’t care how fraudulent their Psychologists are, how greedy, how sub-human they can be. Yes sub-human. I have more respect for a cockroach than I do these sub-humans. After all, a cockroach takes care of its own kind. Sub-humans take advantage of people. People who are caught up in the most difficult times in their and their children’s lives. These sub-humans prey on people in divorce who have a house, a bank account, a job. If you are low wage earner, do not own a home, and have little, they don’t want your family law case. They simply move on to someone with financial means, so they can begin the suck on their financial lives, using children as bait.

    The CCFC is helping to wake up the public in San Diego to what is and has been happening for decades. Change is on the horizon. Positive change for children and parents of divorce.

  5. Ben
    April 19th, 2010 at 17:31 | #5

    This is an open message to the local San Diego Judiciary and the Bar, more specifically the Family Law Judiciary and Family Law Attorneys.

    You’re stupid. That’s the number one fact. The sooner you realize it with humility the better we’ll all be.

    You’re cover is blown, the internet is more powerful than all of you are. Free speech is more powerful than your ludicrous discretion and privileges, and obvious violations and abuses of public trust.

    You continue to bury yourselves deeper and deeper with everyday that passes where you ignore the Public and their voice.

    The consciousness of and awareness of the Public is growing everyday over your ignorance, it has been since the mid-90s with the explosion of the internet, and it’s not growing backwards.

    This is a matter of fact due to the fact that you do not bring Families and Children together but break them down and tear them apart. You simply cannot show the Public that their complaints about you are wrong, but the Public has many and has facts.

    All you have to say about the public is that we’re “Borderlines R’ Us” or “Not so overtly psychotic” or that we’re “disgruntled” or that we’re “the problem.” More denial!

    That is not going to work. You keep digging yourself deeper and deeper, and deeper into denial over your abuses and ignorance.

    The Public wants you to listen to them, to follow the CA State Rules of Court, to be consistent and be professional, unbiased, fair, to reduce litigation not increase it, to bring Families and Children together and not break them down and take their life savings, income, homes, and children and give them to the highest bidder. You are hurting and killing your own humanity; is this the legacy you want to leave for society?

    The internet is on to you, you cannot escape it, the Public is voicing their complaint and you need to listen and begin to do the right thing. There is a very fast growing generation of children and parents building in very large numbers in protest against what you do and badly you do it.

    There was a day when Judges rode in the back of convertibles during parades, now they ride in Sheriff’s squad cars and black cars with tinted windows, and hide from the Public. Is it any wonder?

    Start doing your job, start being honest, and set an ethical standard for everyone to follow, one that is truly ethical AND HUMANE. You then will truly be Honorable in the eyes of the Public.

    The Public does not trust you anymore, get a clue and change your ways!

  6. Ben
    April 19th, 2010 at 18:05 | #6

    You huddle in your arrogance with close-to-secret seminars titled “Litigants Behaving Badly” where you do not invite the Public to attend and you do not allow video or audio recording. What are you hiding? You kick out well-meaning citizens and respectable lawyers of your own ilk (Cole Stuart) because you don’t want to hear of anything truly productive for the Families and Children?

    The Public is on to you.

    The numbers of the public in discontent are growing.

    The internet is affecting these changes.

    You cannot ignore these changes for long.

    The Media has caught on and is being very respectful, but it will only go so far.

    The Media will do more stories as the discontented Public grows.

    Are you going to continue on your stupid is as stupid does path you’re on?

    Your choice. I suggest finding ways to be honest with the public and finding ways to openly bridge the gap between you and the public.

    Elkins Task Commission was just scratching the surface, you’re gonna need to do a whole lot more than that.

    Get a clue Judges, Attorneys and Evaluators, and Minors council, get a clue.

  7. April 19th, 2010 at 17:00 | #7

    I commend Cole Stuart for speaking the truth about the Corrupt Family Court system in San Diego: as I speak from the perspective of a first-hand witness who has seen up-close what their officials routinely get away with, while they LOOT parent’s bank accounts, Houses, Equity, and Credit Cards.

    After my case was about a Foot thick (give or take an inch), I came to the conclusion that Nothing I said, or did would stop the Family Court Crooks from Robbing me of every last penny that they could get their hands on.

    For this reason, and because I could not simply sit back and do nothing about what I saw, and because I was out of MONEY to Donate to an out of control Monster whom some people refer to as a “Court,” I chose to walk and do my part to clean up the MESS that our Courts and legislators have made. And I commend Cole Stuart for doing his part.

    See the links below for more details on the work that needs to be done to reform our Courts: work that Family Court officials have been putting off for years: while they SELL, RENT, and/or Auction off Families and Children for All they are worth. and

  8. From Emad Tadros MD
    April 20th, 2010 at 11:14 | #8

    This is my generic answer to the Phone Inquiries:

    You will need to do some Law and Public library research as the credential’s fraud is very cleverly masked and hard to catch.

    However some helpful internet links are as follows:


    1- Stephen Doyne Fraud Courthouse Forum (it has all the links on may be page 11-12-13, including channel 10 and other links).

    2- Expertise to GO the Print Attorney Mark Hansen ABA Writer Chicago.

    3- Scientific Evidence review and admissibility of the Expert Evidence in the Courtroom/Chapter 1 Expert Witness Qualifications and Testimony page 7 and 8. By Professor of Law Carolyn Henderson – Stetson School of law- and President of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

    4- The Credentialing Con.

    5- The Wall Street Article by Elizabeth McDonald: “It is in the Credentials,” is posted on Courthouse Forum as it is impossible to get it on line. You will have to go to either the main Law library on Front Street or the main public library on 10th or 11th street?

    6- Selected publication of Golding, Stephen. L. (1999). The Voir Dire of Forensic Experts: Issues of qualification and training [Subtitle: “Sheepskins for sale: Shortcut to Slaughter?].

    CCFC will be happy to orient the naïve trusting public and respectfully all our professionals who sincerely care about families structure and children.

    There is nothing more Gracious and Honorable than to provide and protect the needy and helpless and in this case they ARE the children and families. If we only focus on our own pleasures and needs, then we do not deserve legacy or even self respect.

    Thank you ALL for your public support and we all sincerely wish “Unshakeable” ethics, sound character and prosper to our beautiful nation, Children and their Families.

    Emad Tadros, M.D.
    Board Certified, Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

  9. James Trujillo
    April 21st, 2010 at 09:51 | #9

    I am in awe of Family Court’s arrogance and impunity. The message is clear – those that make the rules believe they are above them. When the emotional dust settles, I’m left asking myself, “What are groups like CCFC about?” The answer is simple – CCFC is about what’s best for children. Why is it that “Family” Court isn’t? I have no comfortable answers. I would like to express my admiration and thanks to CCFC, collectively, and Cole Stuart, individually, for displaying repeated courage in rising up and fighting against an inept, morally bankrupt, and destructive system.

    James Trujillo

  10. April 21st, 2010 at 18:00 | #10

    I am proud to say I was one of the protesters who was present I will say that this write-up is darn accurate. There were about 9 of us there protesting and we watched Alksne’s bailiff walk approximately 75 yards to SDPD staked out at cross street’s corners and talk to them, looking back at us, talking, looking at us. And we watched armed Off Duty Officers (ODO) likely employed by SDCBA do the same thing, and also watched a couple of plain-clothed SDCBA minions do the same thing, all looking at us pointing their fingers in our direction, all while we peacefully protested. We talked to SDPD and asked how we were doing, and they said we were alright, we were doing great as protesters.

    I commend Cole Stuart for speaking the truth about the Corrupt Family Court system in San Diego: as I speak from the perspective of a first-hand witness who has seen up-close what their officials routinely get away with, while they LOOT parent’s bank accounts, and not care about the best interest of children

    After my case was about a four volumes thick and have asked Lorna Alksne to fix the problem that Dr. Doyne created in my case, she refuses to take action and continues to abuse her power. I am sure she is setting an example of me as I continue to exposed the courts misconduct as well as Dr. Doyne’s. She is as negligent as Dr. Doyne and I assume she orchestrated Cole’s arrest!!!!!

  1. April 16th, 2010 at 20:29 | #1

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