Defending Against False Child Sexual Abuse Allegations (Part 1)

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In my previous article How to Win Custody by Framing Your Ex for Child Sexual Abuse, I discussed how a significant number of malicious moms in divorce and child custody battles resort to framing their ex-husbands for child sexual abuse. While good mothers won’t stoop to such destructive stunts, malicious moms will often do this after the failure of other false allegations and attempts at parental alienation, harassing, and scaring their ex-husbands to gain sole custody of the children. This means that the defense against false child sexual abuse allegations must start long before the allegations are ever made as they are but one highly damaging step in a much longer escalating series of attacks.

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Reasonable and Trusting People Are Easy Targets

Possibly the biggest problem with starting to prepare the necessary defense is that the targets of false accusations are generally reasonable people who have been duped for their whole lives by political propaganda that falsely reassures them that they will be treated fairly. The reality is that they will be persecuted and oppressed every step of the way. This is generally not something they start to understand well until several months or years into the hell created by their enemies.

Malicious Mom is One of Many Enemies

The first step in fighting false child sexual abuse allegations is to know your enemies. The malicious mom is generally the initiator of the false allegations. But she is just one of many enemies. It is important to understand how she is a malicious liar who not only herself lies but also recruits other people to lie on her behalf. This almost always includes her friends and family, and often includes the children she had with her target thus making these children victims and participants in parental alienation child abuse. However, the malicious mom is not usually the most fearsome enemy.

The most fearsome enemy is the government and its employees who are influenced by the malicious mom. This is because they are seldom objective and they can and usually will bring to bear massive resources to hunt down, attack, and persecute the falsely accused not just in court but in their homes, workplaces, and anywhere they go.

The human resources of oppressive government almost always include CPS social workers, police officers, judges, and government lawyers. They may also include government employees at the DMV, tax agencies, and professional licensing boards who are made to participate in the harassment and destruction of the target’s life by cancelling driver’s licenses, medical and business and professional licenses, and taking tax refunds to prevent the falsely accused from having an income or resources to defend himself.

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Many Malicious Moms Had Abusive Childhoods

Most mothers won’t resort to false child sexual abuse allegations. But those who will may appear to be “good mothers” who are “victims of bad men” to people who don’t know the fully story. These malicious moms are often mentally ill and victims of a poor childhood that featured ongoing emotional or other child abuse.

As a result, these malicious moms are often personality disordered individuals who are skilled in making themselves appear to be victims by making false accusations. They often truly are victims of the families who raised them as children but are not victims of their boyfriends and ex-husbands. On the contrary, they are often the primary aggressors against their boyfriends and ex-husbands all the while they are falsely claiming to be abused by these men.

These women know up close and personal all about domestic violence. They are frequently are violent themselves. As Erin Pizzey explains in her writing The Family Terroist about violent women and their addiction to violence and perpetration of domestic violence on children and men, these women are deeply programmed to be violent individuals. They may not inflict violence by taking out a baseball bat and beating somebody, but they know how to be violent and how to use violence as a tool of control. Instead of a baseball bat or gun, their weapons of choice may be a telephone used to falsely file a police report to land somebody in jail or a visit to a psychologist to make false statements that cause the psychologist to file an unwarranted child abuse report.

These women don’t just resort to making false allegations. They also engage in harassment and refusal to cooperate for the well-being of children with intent to incite defensive reactions from their ex-husbands by a wide variety of means that usually don’t start with the false sexual abuse allegations. They will break laws, court orders, restraining orders, and endanger their children all to set up their target for false accusations. They know that false accusations like violence are very effective tools for women to use to abusively control men.

False TROs: Common Starting Point for Malicious Moms

Malicious moms frequently start their dirty war to destroy their ex-husbands and gain total control over the children by using false domestic violence allegations. As the misinformed public and incompetent judges and courts are operating under the inaccurate radical feminist model of domestic violence in which women are always victims and men are always abusers, they generally not understand that domestic violence is commonly perpetrated by women and men. As a result, women have the advantage due to this form of sexism against men. Malicious moms are willing to press this unfair advantage to the maximum using every dishonest word and action they can dream up.

Other authors on this site have written about the abusive use of DV TROs (Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order) in the past. These are also called “protective orders” in some locations. See Many Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Orders (DV TRO) in the US are Falsely Obtained and Restraining Order 911 for further information.

Malicious moms frequently misuse temporary restraining orders to obtain control of children, home, and finances when there is no domestic violence by their ex-husbands. They will make all sorts of claims about how he beat her, beat the children, yelled, screamed, threatened to kill them, and so forth. The judges who hear these false accusations lap them up and usually issue orders depriving the falsely accused boyfriend or husband of his civil rights “to be on the safe side” which is often simply out of self-serving interest. Many judges are afraid if they don’t abuse a man’s civil rights, it will be used against them in elections if something goes wrong if they didn’t issue the order and the woman or a child gets hurt. So to protect themselves, they make it their normal practice to systematically abuse the accused with no evidence even though the majority of these TRO requests are eventually found to be unsubstantiated.

It is standard practice for a malicious mom and/or her lawyer to head into court and file for a TRO against the husband at about the same time as the divorce is filed, cutting him off from the children, kicking him out of his home, and often both blocking his access to community funds while saddling him with enormous financial obligations including paying the mortgage or rent for a home in which he can’t live and will be arrested if he comes within some arbitrary “safe” distance of it, often 100 yards or 100 meters or more. These TROs are by common practice issued without any proof. They generally take several weeks at a minimum to fight off even if there is absolutely no evidence to back up the false allegations, nobody believes the wife, and the husband can afford an attorney.

If any of those things are not true, it can take several months to even years to fight off a false TRO. It is assured of causing financial damages that to most people will be severe. Defense against these false allegations often costs tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you care to be involved in your children’s lives, you MUST fight the false allegations against you with every resource you can obtain to do so. If you do not manage to prove your innocence or at least show that it is highly unlikely that the allegations could be untrue, the corrupt sexist courts will make a “finding of domestic violence” and use it to ban you from most or all contact with your children.

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Lands of Civil Rights Abuses and Constitutional Violations

Courts in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and other nations blatantly trounce upon the civil rights of their citizens, especially male citizens. They routinely violate their Constitutions and civil rights laws by treating those accused of domestic violence as guilty until proven otherwise.

These nations espouse “innocent until proven guilty” legal standards as part of the propaganda they use to brainwash their populations into submission to their corrupt rule. While it is questionable whether these legal standards ever apply in such nations in which law enforcement personnel routinely perjure themselves, lie to others to cause false testimony (subornation of perjury), tamper with witnesses, plant evidence, and physically and psychologically abuse the accused and the family and friends of the accused, a target of an accusation of murder or robbery will generally get treatment that is more in line with the law than a target of a domestic violence allegation will.

People, especially men, who are accused of a domestic violence crime, child abuse, or similar offenses are treated as guilty with no evidence required.

If you are a male citizen of any of these corrupt nations, you must understand that when you are accused of domestic violence or child abuse that you are treated as guilty until proven innocent and that refusing to admit guilt will be used against you to “prove” that you are guilty by government agencies. They will claim that your denial is indication that you are guilty. If you dare point out to them that innocent people should deny their guilt, they will insist that you are guilty regardless. Proof is unnecessary for they can destroy your life and take your children at their whim, disregarding the laws that require court hearings.

If the case does reach court, they will often perjure themselves or suborn perjury by others to substantiate false accusations against you. If this sounds alarmist, you should read reports from Grand Jury investigations against these government agencies that show that these abusive and illegal behaviors are routine. Some Grand Juries have gone so far as to go on the record as stating they see no way to fix the problem without holding individual social workers accountable for their illegal and abusive actions. See San Diego County Grand Jury Letter Regarding CPS Abuses for an example.

Once you are stuck in this evil system, you are sliding down a slope towards being turned into little more than a political prisoner in Guantanamo Bay. The primary differences are:

  1. You probably won’t be waterboarded.
  2. The people in Guantanamo Bay have political protesters and ACLU attorneys who will speak on their behalf, but you won’t.
  3. You’ll be expected to spend all your money defending yourself and paying off your false accuser to reward them for making the false accusations. If you don’t comply, you will be found guilty of failing to provide child support or spousal support and further persecuted. The government will not expect this of political and terrorism prisoners, they are treated more humanely.
  4. The government will generally not bother to produce any real evidence against you, but will treat you as guilty without it.
  5. You likely will not be charged with any crime nor ever get a fair trial.
  6. Your “trial” will be a mockery of justice in a Kangaroo Court (generally known as Family Law Courts) in which you might get a few minutes to try to defend yourself only to have your rights trampled upon for years with no evidence to support the actions.

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Governments Support Malicious Moms

In a very real sense, these governments are evil allies of the malicious mom who assist in wrongful persecution, child abuse, and other destructive tactics. They will work willingly and tirelessly deploying many government employees funded by tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer funds allocated to “protecting women and children from domestic violence and child abuse” which is a code phrase to mean “persecuting men who have done nothing abusive or violent.” They are trained in government-controlled educational programs at state-funded universities to hate men and regard them as perpetrators and to persecute those men who are targeted by a malicious mom as if their livelihoods depend upon it. It is common for them to lack all objectivity and to view every word and action of the target as a sign of guilt. If the falsely accused denies the accusations, they will claim this is a sure sign of guilt because guilty people are liars, their denials are lies, and “everybody knows” that men are abusers who should not be able to see their children.

If you are upset about these abuses being funded with your tax dollars, you should be. Government agencies that work with families are filled with oppressive, abusive, persecuting employees who are sexist and have an agenda to harm men no matter how many children and families they may harm in the process.

If you don’t believe this, you haven’t experienced what these systems are like in real life. The innocent targets of false accusations who have experienced the terror and persecution from these government organizations generally find that their entire world-views are turned upside down. They may have once believed that their nation was fair, sexism was on the wane, people are innocent until proven guilty, people will get fair trials, and so forth. After experiencing what this system does, these people know that all such former beliefs were nothing but political propaganda that made them easy targets for control and oppression.

In theory, government can and should respect the laws, practice solid ethical conduct, and do good things that benefit its citizens. In practice, government generally plays zero-sum games in which government agencies and their employees expect to run up gains (stable employment, pay raises, increasing tax incomes, etc.) and to dish out the costs and losses (court fees, prison time, deprivation of civil rights, abuse of children, etc.) to others even including people who have done absolutely nothing to deserve such maltreatment.

Governments Abuse Children, Too

It’s not just men who are abused by government. Children are abused, too, often at the behest of the malicious moms and their abusive government allies. Read the article CPS and Police Abuse Wrongly Removed Children to get some idea of how far police and CPS will go to traumatize and abuse children even without court orders and due process.

Next Steps for Defense

I’ll be writing more articles in this series to explain how to defend yourself against a malicious mom and the government abusers who assist her. It is far more than can be covered in anything short of a book, so I’ll often be referring you to other resources such as web articles and books.

This first article explains who your enemies are. They are numerous, they are powerful, and they are driven not only by your malicious ex but also by their own destructive agendas.

To get you started with preparing to defend your children and you from the destruction caused by false abuse allegations and high conflict child custody battles, below I’m listing out several articles and areas for you to further explore. I’ll be covering some of these in more detail in future articles, but want to get you started with your preparation now without further delay.

Help for Your Children

A child custody battle is likely to adversely affect your children. The level of destruction goes way up when a malicious mom is involved. At a minimum, your children are going to need some help to understand what is happening and why. There are a number of excellent books about divorce written for children that can help them understand that the divorce is not their fault, that they can love both their parents, and that sometimes parents can be very unreasonable due to being angry at each other. Some of our articles on these books include Interview with Sandra Levins, Author of “Was it the Chocolate Pudding?”, Kids’ Parental Alienation Book: “I Don’t Want to Choose!”, and Divorce Books for Kids.

Our article Breaking Mental Illness, Violence, Divorce, and Murder Cycles discusses how child abuse, mental illness, divorce, and murder operate in a cycle that causes the formerly abused children to become abusive and violent adults. Your children are at significantly increased risk for long-term psychological damage including depression, substance abuse, and domestic violence due to the conflict and child abuse they will encounter because of the actions of a malicious mom. The article also offers some suggestions for books that may help your children cope with the psychological stresses of a child custody conflict and to avoid becoming abusers or drug addicts themselves.

You should do everything you can to get your children to see a child psychologist on a regular basis (preferably once every week or two) both to help them cope with a horrible conflict and to provide yourself with a third party expert who will hear from your children what is really going on and that you are not the monster your ex makes you out to be. Many abusive parents do not want their children to see therapists as they are afraid of what the children may say. Getting your children started early with a child psychologist will help enable the psychologist to detect changes in behaviors and attitudes caused by child abuse from the malicious mom, including parental alienation and false abuse allegations.

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Preparing Your Team

If you are just getting started with a contested child custody battle that looks like it is headed down the road I’ve outlined above, one of your first steps should be to learn about restraining orders. See the article Restraining Order 911 for more information on how they are frequently misused with zero evidence to cause a great deal of harm to their targets.

You are going to need to assemble a support system to help you get through what are likely to be years of living hell. There are likely a few people you can really trust. Family members and friends who have known you for a long time and who know how nasty your ex can be are the people most likely to support you emotionally and financially. Try to spread the burden around. You can easily overwhelm any one or two other people with your miserable experience, even to the point that they themselves become unable to cope with it.

Many men who are targets of malicious moms are dealing with people who may have Borderline Personality Disorder or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. There are a number of support groups and resources for helping people cope with such situations that are described in the article Support for Family Members of Those With BPD. Sometimes these are resources you can share with your own personal support network to help them help you.

You may find that you develop severe depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and other mental health problems as you are attacked by your evil ex and abusive and illegal government actions. You’ll likely need to get both a psychologist and a psychiatrist on board to help you with managing your mental health. It’s best to find therapists and doctors who have experience dealing with high conflict divorces as they know how destructive the system is and are more likely to be able to meet your needs.

Don’t be afraid to get mental health assistance and to use dietary supplements and medications when appropriate. More than 27 million Americans are using antidepressant medication each year and likely more than 20% of the population suffers from personality disorders. While antidepressants can be very effective, it’s often helpful to investigate inexpensive dietary supplements to find a few that can help your situation. For instance, L-Theanine and tea products can help with reducing anxiety, insomnia, and depression. There is evidence that 5-HTP, L-tryptophan, L-tyrosine, fish oil products, vitamin D, vitamin B12, folic acid, and other inexpensive dietary supplements can also help with depression either by themselves, in combinations, or in conjunction with typical antidepressant medications.

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If your ex retains an attorney, you are almost certainly going to need to retain one, also. Hiring a family law attorney is worthy of a whole series of articles in and of itself. In brief, expect that it is going to cost you a huge amount of money and that finding a good one is a crapshoot unless you’re willing to put in a large amount of time listening to attorneys in family law court rooms and interviewing them. In big cities, family law attorneys can easily run $200, $300, or more per hour. Big fees don’t necessarily buy the best attorneys. Some family law attorneys are highly experienced with cases involving false allegations and mentally ill spouses. Most are not. If you have a malicious mom for an ex, you are going to need an attorney who has this experience. Sometimes the best referrals come from other attorneys or people who have been through similar hellish child custody battles.

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Check Back for More Articles

I’m hoping to write one or two of these articles per month, so if you found this article helpful please check back later for more. Also, if you would like me to follow up on a particular area in more detail, please leave comments on the articles. I’ll be sure to review them.

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  1. Greg
    August 16th, 2009 at 05:16 | #1

    This post addresses questions about what is being referred to as a Custody Evaluation performed by a highly respected, highly expensive neutral Phd custody specialist. He is the last resort when the court, child’s therapist and GAL are not resolving the custody issue. His decision is final and the court, therapist and GAL follow this recommendation. Both parents also are ordered to follow this final, final decision.

    This case is ongoing in the Cheshire Superior Court in NH

    History Overview
    Feb 07 – E Mail stating that if you ever divorce me, you will never see the children again and I will turn them against you
    Feb 07 – My affair was discovered
    Feb 07 “motive letter” given to me by spouse identifying I will never see the children again, hope the sex was worth losing your children over, if you plan to keep your sex partner, don’t expect to have ahappy step family, I will continue to tell the children what you did.
    March – June – Day visits with younger girls. Visits went well
    May – Mom reports to child’s teacher of Master Bating on purpose in front of child and having child porn on computer. Both girls interview and nothing disclosed. Law enforcement investigates and indicates no child porn on computer. Case was closed. Mom testifies that child reported to teacher (not true)
    June – Notes “found” under child’s pillow indicating Greg (not Dad) watched dirty videos, looked at the dirty book and put his fingers in her pp. Second interview was not consistent with notes, but she did disclose he touched my privates when she was sleeping in parent’s bed. She was 5 at the time. Child was asked why did you write the notes. She said my mom made me write the notes so she could make copies and give them to all his friends so they would not be friends with him. New DCYF and Law Enforcement investigation begins.
    Oct 07 Appeal DCYF petition Finding of abuse. No Charges against me from law enforcement
    April 08-DCYF overturns Finding as Unfounded. No consequences against mom
    May 08 – One Child in therapy and supervised visits begin
    June 08 – Ex parte motion to get other child into therapy so that supervised visits can begin. (This was the alleged victim that was intentionally not being put into therapy by mom and it took me, the alledged perpetrator to get the child I allegedly abused into therapy)
    Sept 08 – Feb 09 Weekly 2 hour Supervised visits between me and daughters
    Oct 08 Other daughter reports to her therapist that dad attempted to force her to look at dirty magazine and attempted to force himself onto her. Mandatory reporting law required therapist to report to DCYF. Interview of daughter with agency did not confirm report to therapist. She said dad was lying on the bed and reached out towards her. She admitted she was about 5 feet away. DCYF closed case as unfounded. No consequences against mother.
    Nov 08 5 day trial
    Jan 09 Superior Court divorce trial. No Sexual abuse occurred, mom is involved with estrangement of children and father, expect visits to quickly expand to day time unsupervised visits. Visits are per the recommendation of the therapist. Grounds of divorce were adultery.
    Feb 09 Therapists say they will not make visit/custody recommendations
    Mar 09 First GAL withdraws due to personal issues (arrested for meth and schrooms)
    Mar thru May Joint therapy sessions between daughter’s and me. Alleged victim tells therapist with me present that she trusts me
    May 09 2 hour visits outside of therapy begin
    May 28 Therapist tells GAL she does not believe any abuse occurred. 4 days latter mom changes therapist.

    To date, the therapist is saying that the GAL is responsible for making visit duration recommendations. The GAL is saying she is using the therapist recommendation for visit duration to establish visit frequency and duration. It is truly a Catch-22 within the system/process. I have been told by the GAL that this is the process. I requested a copy of the process for review. If this “process” is not actually documented, please provide an explanation of how “these types of cases” are resolved. I have not received either the documented “process” or explanation of how it works.

    My attorney has recommended that I retain a Custody Evaluator to perform a comprehensive evaluation of me, mom and the children. This will take about 40 hours and the retainer is $8K and more than likely will exceed that. Both attorneys and the first GAL indicated in court that this is the worse divorce case that any of them have ever seen. All have been involved for over 20 years each. My insurance may or may not cover this evaluation. Money is available on my end and will be the one that has to pay. This also requires a court order to make it happen.

    Without this custody evaluation, the system/process in NH is unable to reach a decision. Despite false allegations being demonstrated, alienation proven by documents and continuing to occur, the court is paralyzed to make a just decision.

    Does adultery continue to have this much impact in the courts?

  2. Greg
    August 16th, 2009 at 05:33 | #2

    I would like to report on my hearing on Aug 11, 09 addressing contempt issues for not having the balance of my property returned, my Ex having the girls flip off my now wife, and a unilateral decision to change my daughter’s therapist without my knowledge.

    The focus was around the change in the therapist without my knowledge or consent. The final divorce decree indicates that decision such as medical, education, religion and therapy need to be made jointly. My ex changed my youngest daughter’s therapist 4 days after the therapist told the GAL that she dose not believe any sexual abuse occurred. This is consistent with the DCYF investigation, no charges from law enforcement, no indictment from the County Attorney and the decision from the 5 day divorce trial in superior court. One more confirmation from the therapist is also helpful.

    Her attorney argues that I had previously agreed to the new therapist (not true), that he contacted my attorney (he did and was told that it needed to be discussed with me), the cost would be the same (actually it is an additional $150 per month out of pocket as the new therapist is not covered by insurance).

    The judge delayed the ruling till a scheduled 2 day trial in Dec 09 and each party will pay their portion until the contempt issue is ruled on and at that time, cost may be recovered.

    The good points that the judge made where that a response from me was required prior to the change. Just because I my attorney was informed, he did not respond and the change was made without my consent. I believe that is a good thing. He commended me for allowing the change going forward as the therapeutic support will continue to be provided for the child until the ruling is made in Dec.
    The other contempt issues will be heard in Dec.

    Nothing new from the court on my visit time

    Other aspects
    The GAL preliminary report was weighted bias against me by saying that I had previously agreed, but also the report indicated that she told my ex that all parties had to agree to this change,

    The therapist for my other daughter recommended expanding the 2 hour visits to 3 or 3 1/2 hours and we will get onto a weekly schedule. The girls are engaging with me, we played putt-putt golf, went to the softball batting cage, talked, and made plans for the next visit. The visits are going very well, yet there is some continued external interference from mom during the visits by contaction the girls on their cell phones

    The girls receive cell phone calls and text messages during the visits to “check up” on them and tell them it is time to leave. The youngest was sent with a tee shirt saying “My Mom Rules” with a measuring ruler next to it.

    Mom dropped the girls off at 6 PM and made it very clear that they are not to eat anything and have a snack if they are hungry. Out plan was for a dinner and ice cream at the putt-putt stand. This was changed by mom at the drop. One hour into the 2 visit the girls wanted food and an ice cream and I explained that mom had dinner when they get home. 1/2 hour latter the youngest was begging for food, “I’m starving, I can’t wait till I get home”. She got a chicken finger and some fries to tie her over.

    My daughter that ate was trying to convince my other daughter to eat some food also. She declined, but was also hungry, because she knew mom said not food. the younger girl pleaded and begged her to have a French fry and said “I don’t wan’t to be the only one that gets in trouble for eating”. Mom put an 9 and 11 year old in a position to choose eating when they were hungry vs. abiding by mom demand.

    The tee shirt was correct. “My Mom Rules”

  3. Greg
    August 16th, 2009 at 06:13 | #3

    The Hypocrisy of our “Child Saviors”

    The individuals working for the State and under state guidelines are hypocrites. They proclaim to be working in the child’s best interest, have the power to remove children from homes and satiations that they deem “wrong”. Then, in their own personal lives, do things that are illegal. In my 2 ½ year case alone I have two examples:

    The Guardian Em Litem (GAL) was arrested for having distribution amounts of meth and schrooms in her house. She removed herself from my case and called my adultery actions “immoral”.

    The director of DCYF in the district that oversaw my child sexual abuse case was witnessed by me last night at a party at her home, smoking pot. I had previously discussed why the DCYF agency took 6 months to schedule a 15 minute informal hearing to dismiss my abuse case. Perhaps dope does impair judgement. While waiting for this appeal hearing, I was not allowed to see my children

    I looked online and did not see any employee requirements for random drug testing for State or child protective services in NH. I am subject for random drug and alcohol screens at the Nuclear Power Plant where I work.

  4. September 5th, 2009 at 08:34 | #4

    In actuality, malicious moms who falsely accuse their significant other of abuse only exist 2% – 8% in numbers. By definition, a “false abuse allegation” is one made with premeditation, in bad faith and with malice aforethought. That said, 99% of malicious moms will not admit their cuplability or recant or redact their involvement in falsely accusing a man/father of abuse.

    About two-thirds of all “false child abuse allegations” are what we call source misattribution errors, or false attributions, whereby the system professionals (including possibly The Judge) have misapplied or misattributed the source or origin of the alleged abuse. Perhaps, it is an actual case of child molest but you have the wrong guy (mistake in identity), or more probably it is something else besides child molest but the investigators didn’t ask source monitoring questions of the alleged child victim(s). It is incumbent upon all system professionals to cast a wide net during their child protection investigations and leave no stone unturned. All hypotheses and reasonable alternative explanations must be considered.

    If you have been falsely accused of abuse and have a concomitant family law case that accompanys your criminal and/or TRO case, take advantage of it by launching a massive discovery onslaught in THAT case. Take mother’s deposition, file propounded interrogatories, and request for admissions and see if the court will grant a global psychological evaluation of the entire family (to include mother). In this manner, you may be able to catch inconsistencies/discrepancies in mother’s allegations/assertions and impeach her.

    Dean Tong, MSc.

  5. Anthony Peterson
    January 14th, 2011 at 04:17 | #5

    It took me awhile to connect the dots of my demise of my parental rights. In the beginning, I was simply appreciative just to have contact with my daugther. But a little at a time, giving every opportunity at civil communication w/ my ex, my attempts became mischaracterized, then false claims were launched at me. After talking to a friend that had a very unusual circumstance happen that yanked his visits w/ his child living in Queensboro housing development, I began to question the same court, then the same judge that presided over these cases. The courts have too much power of appointment w/o allowing the public to vett or question the nominations. Not all appointments to the bench are from politicians. Judges appointing judges is a sham.

  6. Eric Ledger
    July 22nd, 2012 at 08:06 | #6

    I am not a parent myself, but I would like to know what’s being done raise awareness of what the government and all agencies involved are and do, teach people how to protect themselves, and what how much progress has been made in fighting these abuses and allow for counter-lawsuits. I’ve learned about social issues like these during high school and college, but putting at least one college course I took aside, what I was taught in 11th and half of 12th grades didn’t cover stuff like this, although I do remember watching a video where various women tell stories about how they were abused by their husband, taken lightly by the police, and then incarcerated when they killed their husbands in self-defense.

    Desperately, one thing we need are books, classes, programs, and public service announcements about how to deal with people who falsely accuse others for domestic abuse, pedophilia, rape, etc. Would you happen to know of any books I could check out on how to protect oneself and how to fight against corrupt government practices like what you describe?

    Would also like to know when you plan on posting parts 2 and 3 to this entry. Do you still?

  7. July 23rd, 2012 at 23:06 | #7

    @ Eric Ledger

    Unfortunately we haven’t received any more articles from this author in some time.

    Dean Tong has written a book called Elusive Innocence: Survival Guide for the Falsely Accused. It is highly rated on Amazon (about 4.5 stars out of 5) and discusses the sorts of things we were hoping to see in future articles from this author.

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