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Your cell phone can be used by other people as a tool to spy on you and those around you. It can be used to listen to your conversations, listen to the sounds around it even when you are not using it, and to track your location and movements. It is not just fascist governments and law enforcement agencies doing this to their citizens. Criminals and even family members could be using the same spying techniques on you.

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Ex-Spouses Using Cell Phone Spying

Even your ex-spouse might be using cell phone spying on you! It’s illegal to do so, but the law hasn’t stopped ex-spouses and their lovers from committing crimes for which they are never prosecuted despite inflicting years of harassment and hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages on their victims. Such crimes include making illegal false accusations of domestic violence and even child sexual abuse, hacking into email accounts to illegally copy information or to falsely pose as you to ruin your relationships with other people or otherwise harm you, and committing fraud and identity theft to leave you broke and bankrupted.

The law is no real protection against a lawless ex-spouse, particularly those with personality disorders who feels no guilt or remorse for any illegal and harmful action and view them as reasonable methods to get what they want. If your ex or his or her lover has Borderline Personality Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and/or a criminal record, you should be especially cautious about being victimized via illegal means.

Cell Phone: Modern Weapon of Electronic Domestic Warfare

Even if you never let your cell phone out of your sight, it is still possible to remotely install spyware on cell phones, especially those with Internet access. And even if you turn your cell phone off, the spyware can be remotely activated. The only reasonably safe way to have your phone with you and not be spied on is by removing the phone’s battery. Unfortunately, this completely disables your ability to use the phone.

The video below shows how far cell phone spying techniques can go, with even law enforcement agencies being unable to stop it.

(Click here if it won’t play in the embedded player.)

Divorce Courts Ignore Criminal Violations Particularly By Women

Communications privacy laws in many areas often apply to telephone conversations and computer email and data in similar ways. We’re aware of cases in which ex-wives illegally submitted emails into court hearings that were obtained by the illegal hacking into the email accounts of others by their lovers. The inept family law judges often don’t care that evidence is illegal. Instead, they may refuse a motion to suppress illegal evidence and rule that it is not their job to determine if the evidence was illegally obtained in violation of state and federal laws and that therefore they will allow it to be used.

Of course this goes to show how family law courts often have no respect for law. But that doesn’t help the people who are harmed by the illegal actions that these judges sanction and encourage through their failure to punish for crimes.

Dirty Divorce Reasons for Cell Phone Spying

Why might your ex-spouse or his or her lover spy on you?

  • Listen in on your conversations with your lawyers, therapists, and others.
  • Get phone numbers to your family and associates.
  • Help them gather evidence for use in a child custody battle.
  • Help to arrange a parental abduction or to evade capture.
  • Obtain identification, password, and account number information to drain your banking and investment accounts.
  • Terminate your utility services, including your phone, Internet, electricity, and water.
  • Change your account information and apply for loans and credit increases that they will use, leaving you buried in debt due to identify theft.
  • Set you up for harassment.
  • Set you up for a false domestic violence allegation via entrapment.
  • Set you up for another false criminal allegation by committing a crime near where you are and then leaving evidence that implicates you.
  • Damage or destroy your property, including slashing tires on your car or keying its paint job.
  • Obtain your location when you’re not near your vehicle but it is in public so they can plant GPS trackers to help to harass and harm you.
  • Find where you live.
  • Frighten you by enabling them to make threats against you without it being tied back to them.
  • Physically attack you when you wouldn’t suspect it, including murdering you.

In the case of a Borderline ex, the spying via your cell phone is likely to be combined with the BPD distortion campaign. The Borderline uses distortions and manipulations to thoroughly defame you with friends, family, doctors, teachers, and virtually everybody else involved in the lives of you and your children. Obviously being able to contact all of these people helps them achieve their goal of destroying your life. So does having information that they can use as-is or twist and alter to paint you as a criminal, child molester, spouse beater, druggie, gambler, or any other false or exaggerated claim they can use to harm you. The more information they get, the more able they become to convince people to turn against you.

Determining If You Cell Phone is Bugged

This video explains some of the ways to detect if your phone is bugged:

Some of the top clues that your phone is being bugged include:

  • Faster than usual battery draining without enough usage to explain it
  • Gets warm when you aren’t using it
  • Doesn’t cool down between calls
  • Blinking or beeping when you are not using it that doesn’t correspond to alarms and appointments

If you suspect your phone has spyware installed on it, there may be no way to fix it. You might try taking it to a phone repair center and having them erasing and reflashing the phone with the latest and greatest software, but this is not a guarantee that you will be free of cell phone spying.


Cell phones aren’t secure. But there are precautions you can take.

  • Any time you talk on a cell phone, pretend you’re talking in front of a judge and jury.
  • Don’t have legal or mental health conversations over cell phones.
  • Pop your cell phone battery out during legal and mental health appointments.
  • Plant disinformation in your conversations to draw out spies. For instance, talk about how you plan to do something outrageous at some particular location and time and then show up to see if anybody appears to photograph or video record you.
  • Write messages to your friends and loved ones to explain what you mean while making misleading and distorted statements that can be heard by spies.

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