Child Custody Overview and Strategies

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If you’re about to embark in a child custody battle or in the middle of one, here is an overview of what’s involved and issues that you need to be aware of. These topics are addressed by Steve Carlson, The Custody Coach, in an e-book, How to Win Child Custody.

How to Win Child Custody will guide you through the custody process and provide you with proven strategies that can help win you custody, as well as save you thousands of dollars in attorney costs.

1. Preparing your Custody Case

  • Setting the Stage
  • How to Assess your Case Yourself
  • Documentation and Information Collection
  • Importance of Parenting Plans
  • How to Organize your Case Yourself

2. About Attorneys

  • Finding the Right Attorney
  • Initial Attorney Interviews
  • How to Use your Attorney
  • Attorney Billing Disputes
  • Request for Attorney Fees

3. Legal Considerations and Strategies

  • The Judge Assigned to Your Case
  • Best Interest of the Child Standard
  • In Fact Arrangement vs. Custody Order
  • Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law
  • Attorney for the Child vs. Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)
  • Stipulated Orders vs. Final Judicial Orders
  • Change of Custody vs. Modifying Visitation
  • “Primary Physical Custody” Language
  • Primary Caretaker Perception
  • Children’s Wishes
  • Grandparents & Stepparents

4. Custody Dispute Options

  • Stipulations and Agreements
  • Mediation
  • Child Custody Evaluations
  • Mandatory Settlement Conferences (MFC)
  • Collaborative Law

5. Common Custody Tactics

  • Allegations of Abuse
  • Involvement of Child Protective Services (CPS)
  • Domestic Violence (DV) Allegations
  • Parental Alienation
  • Frustrating Contact
  • Move-Away Cases
  • Ex Parte Motions

6. Types of Custody Orders

  • Temporary Custody Orders
  • Stipulated Orders
  • Final Judicial Orders
  • Ex Parte Orders
  • “Kick Out” Orders

7. Common Problems After Custody Orders

  • Vague Parenting Schedule
  • Vague Vacation or Holiday Schedule
  • Move-Aways or Relocations
  • Noncompliance with Court Orders

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