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We’ve noticed that some phone and mobile devices, particularly those with small screens running Windows Mobile Internet Explorer, are really clunky at viewing our site and many others, too. If you’ve got a Windows Mobile device, we’ve noticed that Opera Mobile seems to work a lot better in our experience. We’ve done some brief testing using version 8.65 running on a Sprint Touch on a CDMA 3G network and it works reasonably well for viewing our content.

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However, some phones and mobile devices may not have Opera Mobile or another decent mobile web browser available. So we’ve recently installed some software called WPtouch in hopes that it may make it easier for people with such mobiles to view our site on the go. We’ve observed that Windows Mobile Internet Explorer works a lot better with our site now. The load times are a fraction of what they were and the text is more readable, too. The main downside is that some functionality is lost to speed up the page load times and improve the appearance on small screens.

If your device is using the WPtouch display mode, it will show it near the bottom of the web page. If you don’t see any such mode reported, it is using the desktop browser mode.

WPtouch is supposed to support a variety of devices including the Apple iPhone, iPod, and iPad. We’ve added “user agent IDs” for some devices from Nokia and those using Symbian and Windows Mobile Internet Explorer, too. The full list of agents enabled at the moment includes: android, blackberry9500, blackberry9530, cupcake, dream, iemobile, incognito, iphone, ipod, mini, nokia, symbian, webOS, webmate .

If you’ve got a phone or mobile that you use for Internet access, we’d be interested in hearing your feedback on how it works with these changes. Please let us know the mobile device, operating system, and browser version you are using.

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