Courts and Illinois Woman Steal Daughter from Father

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Krystal Fulton gave birth to daughter Aubrey on June 16, 2006. She lied to her baby’s father, Ralph Lowery Jr., telling him that the baby was still born. She lied to the hospital, an adoption agency, and an Illinois court, filling out forms claiming she did not know who the father was.

Illinois law requires the father to be notified before a child can be adopted out of the biological family. Krystal Fulton broke the law. She committed perjury. She deprived a daughter of her father permanently. She violated the father’s rights. She emotionally tormented an adopting family. She wasted large amounts of taxpayer money in both Illinois and South Carolina dealing with a legal mess she created because of her dishonesty. She’s a role model for how to hurt lots of innocent people in short order.

But who pays for Fulton’s crimes? Apparently everybody other than Krystal Fulton!

Ralph Lowery Jr., the father, heard that the baby in fact had been born alive weeks after she had been adopted to a couple in South Carolina. He retained a lawyer and on July 14, 2006, filed a court petition requesting the adoption order to be voided because he was never notified of the adoption and Fulton lied to him, telling him the baby was dead.

Then Fulton filed a petition, claiming she wanted the baby after all. But instead of returning the baby to her father who wanted her and had not broken any laws, the courts returned the baby to the lying law-breaking mother. In the meantime, legal fighting continued in Illinois and South Carolina courts.

So what’s the outcome of this sad tale? Lowery ran out of money to continue the fight for custody, and so lost the daughter he wanted to have in his life. Aubrey was sent to live with the adoptive parents, even though the adoption was illegally performed.

US courts are in large part responsible for this abomination and harm to all the parties. That’s because they consistently fail to punish perjury and contempt of court. They therefore encourage people to lie for their own benefit, especially women who are seldom held responsible for their law violations pertaining to anything to do with family matters. Perjurers are not punished when caught, and if not caught they are rewarded for their lies. Worse, some courts foolishly not only refuse to punish them but even reward them for their lies even after they are caught!

In this case, Krystal Fulton lying about the baby being dead and adopting it away because she didn’t want it meant she wouldn’t have to pay child support to the father who wanted to raise her. It’s an obvious self-centered motive. In the process, she hurt a lot of people, including the baby who was jerked around in the resulting custody battle. Fulton deserves to pay a penalty and be publicly ostracized for her crimes, if for no other reasons than to make her understand that her actions were illegal and to provide a disincentive for others to do the same as she did.

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  1. tracey & ralph Lowery
    September 20th, 2009 at 14:21 | #1

    we want our baby girl back!! miss her so how could any one be so heartless? krystal u should rot in hell and u say only god can judge u ur right and judgment day will come!!!!! im feel sorry for u u f*ckin LIAR!!!!!! “thy shall not lie”

  2. Katie
    September 26th, 2012 at 18:31 | #2

    This whole story amazes me … because – really – if the adoptive parents had an ounce of integrity or compassion in their hearts, they would return Aubrey. Ultimately, it really isn’t the court’s place … it is important that the individuals involved do the right thing. Mark and Mary Karl Boepple RETURN THAT STOLEN BABY!!

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