Swedish Mother Kidnaps Australian Boys

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Swedish mother Ann-Louise Valette is wanted on child abduction charges for the parental kidnapping of her sons Frank and Andre. She is believed to have been hiding them in Sweden, but it is not certain if they are still there as Swedish police have been unable to locate them. Valette violated court orders to put the boys on an October 9, 2008, airplane flight to return them to their father in Melbourne, Australia.

Andre Nicholas Valette age 9 (left) and Frank Oliver Valette age 11 (center) have been missing since they visited their mother Ann-Louise Valette (right) in Sweden.

Andre Nicholas Valette age 9 (left) and Frank Oliver Valette age 11 (center) have been missing since they visited their mother Ann-Louise Valette (right) in Sweden.

George Pesor and Ann-Louise Valette divorced in Sweden after 12 years of living there. Pesor, the boys’ father, was awarded sole custody by Swedish courts in 2004 based upon Valette being deemed an unfit mother. He was allowed to take the boys to his homeland of Australia on the condition that the boys visit their mother twice per year. Pesor paid for the initial 3 visits, but he claims to be financially strapped due to being driven into bankruptcy by the divorce and child custody battle and could not afford to pay for later visits.

Valette applied for relief via the Hague Convention. Australian courts approved of her plan to take the boys on a trip to her homeland of Sweden from September to October 2008. Pesor’s objections that she was likely to not return them to Australia were not taken seriously enough. Both boys had also raised concerns that although they wanted to live with their father, they worried their mother would keep them in Sweden.

The last time Pesor spoke with the boys was on October 4, 2008, days before they were to board their flight back to Australia on October 9, 2008. A warrant was shortly thereafter issued for the arrest of Ann-Louise Valette. Australian courts have since then issued orders that she is to no longer have contact with the boys.

Swedish police are searching for her and the boys, but claim to have not located them. George Pesor suspects that the Swedish feminist group Kobra is helping his ex-wife hide the abducted children. Kobra receives funding from the Swedish government to spread information about children’s rights. Kobra group members working with Valette were involved in spreading false child abuse allegations against Pesor in Sweden and Australia. These were investigated and found to be untrue and deemed another reason that Valette should not have custody.

Any information about the whereabouts of Ms Valette and the children should be given to the Australian Federal Police on (02) 6126 7777. This number applies in all Australian states and territories. Outside of Australia, international dialing codes must be used. Donations to fund the investigation to find the boys can be made by writing to George Pesor at [email protected] .

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