CPS Social Worker broke US Constitution 14th Amendment

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In San Joaquin County, California, CPS social worker Charlotta Royal removed the children of the Rogers family from their home without a warrant. She cited “medical exigency” as the reason as there was evidence of bottle rot and malnutrition. However, neither of these are emergency conditions that necessitate bypassing the courts to determine appropriate action.

The 14th Amendment to the US Constitution includes this text in section 1:
Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
The United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeals found in ROGERS v. COUNTY OF SAN JOAQUIN, No. 05-16071 that CPS case worker Charlotta Royal taking actions without due process or emergency violated the 14th Amendment and stripped the case worker of immunity to prosecution and lawsuit.

The full opinion of the 9th Circuit Court can be found here:  Full opinion in case 05-16071

  1. becky
    March 10th, 2009 at 10:15 | #1

    it is to my knowlegge that i know the fundamentals of the state and the in crimanating barbaric latitude of brain washing after my rapest was set free and never checked me before the put me in child a foster home no proof and there forth 14th amendment and 19 was obstructed by the leagal system .i was the stats target as of the govermental braing washing sytem this sounds to be in habbited by control and white slavery i was one of the luky ones though and a a sentual witness to a inhabbitabl situation i am un plesed to inform this be hind the door matter but even with psyciatrists they diagnosed me wrong to put me on things you would not give your dog as well as a undevine natuer of pernt rejection and my own perental rejction from and by the state with unconclusive results as well as threats to my own body by cps and my e-x case manager.

    the caes have to do with this not metaporicaly but truth as a child of the state and the humilation shame and guilt they trust opon childeren of the state.

    as a child wanting there perants the case worker got tierd of it so she told me my mom did not want me and that i was dead to her at the age of 8 follewed byif she missed a visit i was told that she thought i was garbage.
    and to be informed that i could go back to her any time she wanted me to go back to her but she has to say she wants me and as well to this the enjoyed me bagging and pleading and making her self esteam plommit becuase a child don’t know the judital system this is agest my 8th amendment crule and unusal punishment. but just like cps said kids don’t have no right until they are 18.

    my moms ex husband put my mom in a nervouse brake down yet she still was acussed of beating me in witch she hadn’t but her husband used deadly force to a child and being in the army was basicaly granted freedom as i suffered i can’t recall a time when i did not have a gun pionted at my head or a knife agenst my throught or his own beain washing if you say anything i will kill your whole family and make it look like you did it and you can watch them die on by one if frount of you you have problems this would be easy and becuase i am in the army theyed beleave me more than you your just a f@#$ slut and a bastered child whose daddy abandoned you. and with this crazed situation what follewed was what he said would be.so my whole life i felt it was my fault that i was raped at 8 10 years of shame deluted promises and no right i was a prodasay of a master mind but where there is bad goodness always pervails i found if i lied they beleaved me this was psciopathic behaviore and with it came gratness 15 years later .

    as a child of the system and now my children are in the syster with a thired party cusady and another munpulater with the duluted scence of seeing me as a perant and what happened in 2004 and 2005 was shamness as well.

    i was told by my male case worker that he was going to have me starlized and have the judge grant sterelization Buck vs. bell becuse my i.q. was sought to be 86 normal he told the judge i was below normal and with this she beleaved him. below normal is 39 to 54 in frauds book of this dullssionall serface and is broght with a master mind of trained psciopathic behaviore what happened to me as a child will haunt me for the rest of my life as well as the police’s brutality and my vertal brack out of reality to protect my self as it would do in a comma or what happens with tramma is saterated by this influence but as well as this case maneger bring his kid to work not being able to control him and i could stated the oviouse but as determaned as this case maneger was he said i attacked his family but iit wasn’t phisacaly it was standing up for his son and see ing the same things done to me and wanting a person to stand up for me as the state kicked me down that boy deserved some one to stand up for him when his father told him to shut up in the cps biulding and as my case worker yes his son was annoing but if you can make a child quite up with just a smile there must be somthing wrong with the father. and his own perntal alenationnot having forsight of why his son was doing it in the fist place he was bored and understandable to me with his father being a royal jack ass. but as wel as this due process has to do do with all evadence and there was non to convict but as this case worker said i will convict you if i is the last thing i do because your a crimanal i figuered out he had been talking about him self the whole time yes he was and with the 14th amendment if tom moony was setanced to death and after his exacution was soght to not have nothing to do with with held evadence to could have gave him a differnt sentace with out the death penalty. this man was guilty all the way and died as calateral damage just as our children reap the removal of there perants and are lied to just so the state could control the child and hurt them mentaly and physicaly and psycolgicaly. i was told i could not desigish right from wrong but untill i wanted to kill my case worker in june of 2005 i did somthing that saved his patetic life from the hands of what he made out of me i did what no one should have to do i got him off the case becuase i knew if he didn’t leave the thoughts of what i wanted to do to my step dad would com into play with this man i put my self in salatery confinment in a tramma center becuse i didn’t see him any more i saw the rapest step father and the pain i will not diclose is to much for some to bare as what a child has to go threw. but if they would not have taken him off the case i whould have fliped my sanity to tempearly in sanity and may have hated my self even more. i had to raise my self with dignaty where there was noni was lied about i was tossed away for exparaments of drugs and as a ginnia pig if you love scince it plays a part in recovery. exspeashaly when you look up remadys of how thease drugs are made. batery acid ,cocaine but the true factore is if you have to make some one high get the book toxic pshyciatry by peter r. briggen it is a beutiful toolbut to be a psychatrist because you where brutaly abused by psyciatry or finding that the drugs they did give you in the passed are now not to be given to a peson who is not 18 when you took the medacine at 14 would filp somes mind but not mine i knew what it did to me. just to be abused psycologicaly and emotionaly is what i said i’d rather have my mom kill me other then have this unexceptional blame put on me again.if we have to think like the brain washing sytem it ain’t what others think it is just to instautionalize and to make us think we are sick when the truth is no one can give a straight awseer whar is wrong i have been dignosed with evrything in the dsm 4 tr so has my conclushion of no one can tell you what is wrong with a person why do it comes anlong but to be told i have more knowlege the the psyciatrist in mental health is eleavated some of my termoil if i did not have the power to take things apart and put them in a logical way and the 5 books i read to do so is not a gift becuase in 5 days i get what i need it determains that exstream stress lowers iq as well as no faith in a person witch lowers self esteam. i have an iq of 140 to 160 today but it will always be low if people brain wash you the same as munipulation is. to the fact what i have become is a healer for truth and what i beleave is true with out cancleation of what another beleaves in is sublime with my methode of helping what is known to bementaly ill but is a lost soul and a greavance i have talked to a man that has killed another man with out fear but understanding and in turn has helped his self but at what cost for me the privlige helping a person without discimanation and intimadation and ethnical codes such as hate crimes nateral oragin what you are born into sex, femailes are the leading people with phycatric disorders like bipolor: but you never realy hear about men with to high of testoterone leveles but the ones with low you do they are emotionaly incontrole of them selfs and have a compleat syster that defuses the anger they hold in side. it is the true path to writ and wrong and are able to be equaly with weomon it is like saying my alter ego is my testoterone levels threw the roof but and once a mounth have a dictitve personality becuase of this alter ego the male mencies and there drive for crupption of others no mater if it is writ or wrong control it if you may the chemicals that go threw your brain are thouse of a hormonal disfunction underling the passage of being able to hold your self to a stand still.

    and i am tiered of men using religion as a way to make you physotic is it badf enough most men who do dignose this are married what do you really think happens when you get married god don’t talk threw the clegmen? was it lust entapment non equlized or propertiy reasions your wife is not you dogshe is human but i do know if the MHP’s dignose other wemon and they are men who are married then the wifes are left with unsaid dignoses from there MHP husbans exspeasaly the ones that work in jails and prisions they become a crimanal with out seeing it that is a trianed psciopath or what becomes as a trained one to be one with out notice and a hubitual one at that.

    my last dignosis was PTSD with a psycotic disorder
    becuase i beleaved in god some thing you can’t see or hear. the known psycotic didorder. from the dsm 4. and what did i say to that person who trided 2 lie to me i don’t kiss the ground that a man walks on nor do i listen to judgemental malarkey or bs if i am psycotic he is i saw the ringin his finger for marrage.
    and what came of it was this was his exspretion : what the hell where did that come from. he was unprefessional i had control then and bacicaly told him i would not sign a paper that lied about me. so stick it in you A$$. and i walked out in tears i was so mad amn that did not beleave in equal wemon rights was unethical to me. as well as trying to alienate me from my self my domanace came out.and he lied to me. he said the reason he put it on paper was becuase the sate would not look at ptsd as a disability bs my ganfather was the next thing he said was i only put it down becuase you said you where it was a defence and a budondon to gain the type of control over thouse who picked on people less fortanate then them selfs to scare to crap out of them to leave my group alone i was not populare i was a geek but you do not play with the hens chick’s metaphoricaly don’t mess with my friends unless you want me to hurt you. i have never hurt any one but i almost killed some one for hiting me first becuase she fliped me in to a flash back of my step father and i hit her in the throght and the chest at the same time i could have clapesed her esaphigusi used milatary combat twored her and i have never been in the milatary but it is what i know for a death kill. didn’t me to do it it was my defence. after that i never fought again i kept myself out of that stuff becuase of being un happy with myself i was not tought it.it just happened after it calmed down 2 girls took me off that girl and i froze just to see the fear in her eyes. i made up my mide never get your self in that situation use it when needed he could not undrstand it he was not worth my time. and yes i did feel a little cray but if i care what people said i would i would not understand it and alow them to take advantige of me. and give up my freedom just to be abused psycologicaly i would have stayed but this was just after being dignosed a mounth in a half before with servear ptsd and pmdd and it was man made so if i was happy with that no one else would give me i would not take it .to be instatutionalized or to be brainwashed is white slavery along with sexual abuse of a child. it is all on the net.

    if you think i am crazy remember it was man made
    paranoia is what people live on and trive on but i have a writ to be that way for what was don to me i don”t need to hear it. i am who i am now happy with and i can help others see what they want to see in then self so if you want to judge me my posative is

  1. January 29th, 2009 at 05:18 | #1

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