Leon Koziol Files US Civil Rights Lawsuit Against New York Courts and Government Officials

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Constitutional law attorney Leon Koziol has filed a parental civil rights lawsuit alleging willful and harmful violations of the US and New York Constitutions and civil rights laws by New York courts and government agencies involving their mistreatment of parents and children. After reading the very long list of complaints regarding alleged corrupt and illegal actions by judges, government employees, and police officers and a pattern of retaliation against Koziol for exercising his First Amendment free speech rights to criticize government officials and the people they employ for their pattern of abuse and misconduct, it appears the pattern of retaliation for legitimate complaints is remarkably similar to what is done to many other parents who go up against criminals employed by the government.

Koziol has lost his children, his legal career, and much of his income and property apparently due to the systematic abuse alleged to have been executed by several of the defendants as they attempted to terrorize, harass, threaten, and coerce Koziol to stop his complaints against them.

The defendants include a long list of primarily New York state and county government officials but also includes US federal government Secretary DHHS Kathleen Sebelius:

  • Jonathan Lippman – Chief Administrative Officer of the New York Unified Court System
  • New York Unified Court System
  • State of New York
  • New York State Supreme Court Judge John Grow
  • Family Court Judge Charles Merrell
  • Child Support Magistrate George Getman
  • Judge Michael Daley
  • Justices of the Appellate Court Divisions 3 and 4
  • Fifth Judicial District Grievance Committee
  • Gregory Huether – Chief Counsel of Fifth Judicial District
  • Mary Gasparini – investigator/attorney for Fifth Judicial District
  • Kathleen Sebelius – US Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • Brian Wing – Commissioner of the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
  • David Swarts – Commissioner of Motor Vehicles
  • Lucille Soldato – Commissioner of Oneida County Department of Social Services
  • Darlene Chudyk -“investigator” for Oneida County
  • Kelly Hawse-Koziol (Leon Koziol’s ex-wife)
  • Keith Eisenhut
  • William Koslosky – “child’s attorney”
  • Judge Martha Walsh-Hood
  • C. Duncan Kerr – Deputy Tax Commissioner
  • Donna Costello, Charlotte Kiehle, and other as yet unknown tax agents of New York state
  • County of Oneida and New Hartford Police Department
  • County of Oneida
  • Town of New Hartford

A press release style cover letter explains the filing:

In what may be described as the most sweeping challenge to date upon our nation’s draconian child control laws surrounding Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, New York Civil Rights Advocate Leon R. Koziol, J.D. has filed a comprehensive test case in United States District Court in Albany, New York. Named in the action are judicial and law enforcement officials, including New York’s Chief Justice and Unified Court System. The lawsuit, served upon select parties this week, takes aim at “custody” and “child support” laws which alienate children from their parents as part of a government money generating scheme. A 39 page, 24 count civil complaint sets forth the manner in which lawyers and forensic agents feed off of manufactured controversies in domestic relations courts to harm parent-child relations and the financial stability of mainstream households. According to Koziol, it is a process which is harming the productivity of an entire nation.

Until his public stance against the legal profession in recent years, Mr. Koziol enjoyed an unblemished 23 year career as a constitutional rights attorney. His accomplishments include six figure jury verdicts on behalf of race, gender and free speech victims. In 2004, he secured a final judgment in New York Supreme Court declaring unconstitutional the operation of the largest casino in that state. He has appeared on the CBS Program “60 Minutes”, New York Times and CNN, among other national mediums. The current action provides a startling look at the manner in which government actors are suppressing free speech, due process and the People’s liberty interests in childrearing. Mr. Koziol is seeking similar victims of courtroom abuses to join this action and transform it to class action status. Support is needed behind his sacrificial cause on behalf of “parents similarly situated”. As the holiday season approaches, Mr. Koziol hopes to target family preservation issues and the scheduling of a national parenting rights convention.

The initial lawsuit filing can be seen below.

Koziol Files Federal Court Civil Rights Lawsuit, NYS Chief Justice & Others Named

Below is part one of a three part video featuring Leon Koziol speaking about the “separate but unequal” family law policy practiced across the United States in violation of the US Constitution. This video and others like it are apparently part of the reason for the government’s retaliation against Koziol. He criticizes their conduct that causes immense harm to children and parents and they aim to destroy him for publicly expressing his legitimate and accurate opinions that expose their terroristic and abusive actions.

Government in the US often operates under the premise that if somebody exposes a wrong, discredit and destroy that person rather than fixing the wrong. This is one important reason why American government has no moral authority today.

Leon Koziol of National League of Fathers / Parental Rights Institute – Part 1 of 3

You can find parts two and three here:

Leon Koziol of National League of Fathers / Parental Rights Institute – Part 2 of 3

Leon Koziol of National League of Fathers / Parental Rights Institute – Part 3 of 3

This lawsuit stems from how Koziol himself has been targeted by New York government agencies illegally engaging in retaliatory conduct and subsequently abusing child support laws in violation of agreements between him and his ex-wife to further harm Koziol and his children. He also believes that they retaliating due to his work with some of their other victims to challenge the unconstitutional family law courts and child support system and other illegal police actions against parents in the area.

The police, tax agencies, and other government employees have involved themselves in this conflict to harm Koziol, including harassing him at his residence, theft and vandalism by seizing his cars in violation of a warrant and damaging one of those cars, and filing reports naming him as a domestic violence perpetrator because he had a professional process server serve legal papers on his ex-wife. Koziol has previously filed a lawsuit against their employers in New York’s Oneida County and Town of New Hartford regarding some of these alleged violations of the law by government employees seeking to harm him.

While I don’t personally know Leon Koziol, what his lawsuit alleges is standard practice for family courts and county and local government agencies across the United States. Criticize them and they will retaliate by harassing you with false accusations, arrests, and seizures of property and records. They move on to revoking your licenses, including professional licenses and your driving license. They damage you emotionally and psychologically to the core by this pattern of continuing harassment, and deprive you of the ability to make an income. Then when you cannot earn anything due to their terrorism, they will label you a “deadbeat” and put you in jail for being unable to pay child support for the children they wrongly prevent you from seeing.

This government terrorism happens to many thousands, perhaps even millions, of parents and children every year in the United States. In light of this, it is entirely accurate to view the United States as one of the foremost violators of human and civil rights in the world. Until American government stops violating the law and people’s basic rights, it has absolutely no more legitimacy or moral authority than Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and countless other despotic criminals who have inflicted immense harm upon many tens of millions of people around the world. In some ways, those tyrants are morally superior to many of the government officials active today in the United States. For one, they did far less to hide their truly evil nature than the many American judges, CPS social workers, police officers, and politicians we have claiming to “protect families” while they destroy them for profit and job security for their friends and themselves.

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  1. one of thousands
    November 23rd, 2010 at 23:16 | #1

    Another excellent, insightful, and accurate piece Angiemedia. As our media outlets have become even more politicized than the horrific American judiciary that has grown like cancer over the last decade, Angiemedia may be one of the few remaining truly neutral sophisticated news sources on these subjects available.

    Thank you for your hard work.

  2. Emad Tadros MD
    December 1st, 2010 at 13:59 | #2


    Angiemedia Is Accurate, well thought-out, openly detailed uncensored Press that is not bought out or intimidated by corrupt officials. Clearly Angiemedia’s Approach is that of the good citizen and a caring one. Parents need to read and FOLLOW WITH Angiemedia UPDATES. I strongly anticipate more corruption to be exposed and spread through Angiemedia.

    If it is not for Angiemedia, who is clearly blowing the whistle on such malignant corruption 24/7, I am certain that such uncaring callus corrupt officials, would still be hiding and not uncovered. Now they are getting flushed-out, one by one.

    My message for such CORRUPT officials who dare to mess with the children is: IT IS A MATTER OF TIME and time is on the justice side to prevail by good citizens and judges at HEART, as Angiemedia continues to clearly expose corruption.

    One thing I learned in school is that wrong is always wrong and is never corrected or neutralized by wrong! If some corrupt individuals in our government feel that their status has created such UNDUE POWER, then they are delusional as they were only created by us the public to take care of the public, and IT IS A MATTER OF TIME. We the public will never keep quiet or shut our mouths about such flat out flagrant malignant corruption.

  3. hmhmh
    January 30th, 2011 at 00:06 | #3

    Some professor in a European country described the legal processes in that country as hopeless to get any justice out of them. He advices people who have been wronged by the justice system to just accept the damages and move on because fighting the system appears to be impossible.

    I hope it is not impossible… but I do know of my own experience that bureaucracy can be a real pain! I go to some government office and I feel like I am being treated as a criminal of some sort. I feel like they can’t believe me, that I must be lying. They don’t directly say that I am lying but I feel like they are not actually listening to me or believing me. Then when a decision comes, it is always by someone else than the person who I spoke with and I can’t go and talk to that person! That’s how it’s designed. It’s a very humiliating experience to have to deal with that.

  4. jessica
    March 13th, 2011 at 05:55 | #4

    Fighting the system is hard. I live in the north country and all the lawyers here won’t even think twice to defend anyone properly. We have a family court judge and DSS that are crooked. We just lost our nephew because of people turning his parents in repeatedly for crap and they used it. I was told I would have first chance to adopt my nephew since I had him the longest. The judge threw out the grandparent rights in court after their bad behavior to the child and then the judge now gives them rights to adopt him after his mother signed off her rights making them have no blood line but because they were registered foster care and had him for 6 month they get the say even though they had him earlier in this case and gave him up to foster care. This county had no evidence against this boy’s father just what people said and they gave him a choice two years in jail and we terminate your rights or he could sign off. The judge is bad, she is a raging hormone in her court room. She just wanted this case over before December because the judge is retiring and DSS they just were sick of this case. There is a lot more but what happened here was wrong and when you have no money to fight, the county can just take your kids and that’s it. Can anyone help me please?

  5. Filth-Buster
    October 16th, 2011 at 05:01 | #5

    You can become a part of Leon Koziol’s Supreme court lawsuit against the Gov’t.
    Send him $100 and he will add your name to the lawsuit.
    He is broke, and does desperately need funding to keep it going.

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