“Don’t Get Arrested in South Carolina” Reveals Cover-Up and Framing by Police and Prosecutors

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We’ve been writing a lot about San Diego’s tyrants DA Bonnie Dumanis, Judge Lorna Alksne, and many others who make a mockery of the US Constitution and civil rights. But just in case you mistakenly thought San Diego has a monopoly on government corruption and abuse, here’s a book that goes to show no matter where you live in the United States, you are only a stone’s throw away from the putrid stench of corrupt law enforcement, prosecutors, and courts. Author J.B. Simms, a private investigator with 25 years experience who has worked with Diane Sawyer and other big name journalists, uncovered solid evidence of this while conducting an investigation of a hit-and-run homicide that his client said he didn’t commit. His book Don’t Get Arrested in South Carolina details his investigation that revealed corruption and crime from the Richland County Sheriff’s Department on up to the South Carolina Supreme Court. This book is a Bronze Prize Winner of the 2009 Independent Publishers book award in the True Crime category.

Simms so upset the South Carolina elite with his expose’ that he was threatened repeatedly by those wanting to silence him. Realizing he was in danger, he relocated to Southern California. He hopes to turn his book into a movie to raise public awareness of the serious harm being caused by police and prosecution misconduct.

We’ll be doing a full-fledged review of the book later this summer, but wanted to alert the Southern California community about it now because J.B. Simms will be speaking on law enforcement and prosecution corruption and misconduct at the University of California at Irvine on August 4, 2010. For details and registration, visit The Inside Edge Foundation for Education.

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Sunshine’s Sunset

His story stems from the death of a popular dentist improbably but truly named Harry Sunshine. Sunshine expired from a hit and run while riding his bicycle on the morning of Saturday, September 30, 2000. Those actually responsible for his death were people who the local “above the law” power elite deemed important to protect in order to hide their activities and associates. When a witness surprisingly came forward, the culprits’ friends in high places decided to cover up what really happened by framing somebody else. Through “botched” investigation that looks far more like intentional framing and cover-up than any accident, Charles Outlaw and his wife Tshona Gaymon Outlaw (yet more colorful real names) were arrested for the crime.



December 1, 2000

CONTACT: SID GAULDEN, 803-896-8755


COLUMBIA – The South Carolina Highway Patrol today announced that two people have been charged in connection with the Sept. 30 hit and run death of Columbia dentist Dr. Harry Sunshine. Tshona Gaymon, 29, and Charles Outlaw, 32, have been charged in connection with the case.

Gaymon, whose last known Columbia address was West Winds Apartments, is currently being held in the Atlanta, Ga., city jail on probation violations. Gaymon is charged with two felony counts: leaving the scene of an accident involving a death, which carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison, and reckless homicide, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years. Outlaw, whose last known Columbia address was the same as Gaymon’s, has been charged with failure to report a collision involving his vehicle, which is a misdemeanor.

“Our hope is that Dr. Sunshine’s family and friends may now be able to achieve some closure in dealing with his tragic death,” said Highway Patrol Col. Ralph Mobley.

The charges are the result of an intense investigation of Sunshine’s death conducted by the South Carolina Highway Patrol, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department and the State Law Enforcement Division.

In the early morning hours on Saturday, September 30, Sunshine was riding his bicycle north along Two Notch Road near Polo Road when a car struck his bike from behind. Sunshine was wearing a helmet and reflective vest, and his bike was equipped with a headlight and taillight. A passing motorist saw Sunshine and called for an ambulance. Sunshine died of a broken neck at about 10:30 a.m. that same day.

Small portions of an automobile found at the scene linked Sunshine’s hit-and-run death to a Lexus GS-300 manufactured sometime between 1993 and 1996. Teams of investigators from the Highway Patrol and the Richland County Sheriff’s Office checked out owners of all Lexus 300 models from those years registered in Richland County. They also contacted automobile dealerships, body shops and garages during the investigation to determine whether any cars matching the description of the one they were seeking had undergone any repairs to the right front portion of the car. They also joined Sunshine’s friends and family in making numerous pleas to the public to come forward with any information that might be relevant to the investigation.


Perhaps the most notable part of the press release is the quote about hoping the family will be able to have some closure:

“Our hope is that Dr. Sunshine’s family and friends may now be able to achieve some closure in dealing with his tragic death,” said Highway Patrol Col. Ralph Mobley.

Law enforcement was hopeful about “closure” because it means they would get away with blaming scapegoats rather than holding the real killer accountable and thereby embarrassing the local power-elite. That’s because the actual killer appears to be an accused criminal named Carlos Parsen involved in running a “security” business that is allegedly used to shift state funds allocated to minority-owned businesses into the pockets of local power brokers via one of their friends John Brown.

Tshona signed a confession, apparently thinking she’ll get a payoff for her part in the cover-up, while Charles walked free due to the Simms investigation. But the full story is even more bizarre and convoluted that this quick explanation can possibly convey.

Yet Another Nutcase Sheriff

Don’t Get Arrested in South Carolina even features the local nutcase Sheriff Leon Lott, a friend of Dr. Sunshine and a counterpart to San Diego’s Sheriff Bill Gore who is known for being a fan of military weapons such as the eardrum-busting LRAD system for use against civilians. Lott himself obtained a military armored personnel carrier with a .50 caliber machine gun. He thinks the size of the ammo is sure to enhance safety, yet even the military doesn’t waste guns this big on human targets because of unwarranted slaughter potential. But big ammo is not the only big thing Lott’s gang of jack-booted miscreants like. He and his law enforcement buddies are apparently big fans of big lies, too. Those lies nearly cost Charles Outlaw his freedom.

Sheriff Lott is more widely known for trying to pump the Michael Phelps marijuana smoking case into votes for himself. In 2009, he made national headlines due to announcements that he would arrest Phelps if he had used marijuana in Richland County. Sheriff Lott, like many of his law enforcement counterparts, is just another “good ole boy” who should spend far more time investigating and arresting corrupt government officials who are doing vastly more harm than anybody smoking a bong ever could.

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  1. One of Thousands
    December 24th, 2011 at 13:56 | #1

    Very well spoken Angiemedia, as usual.

    There is a reason the US and California constitutions prevent “standing armies.” Cops are granted the tremendous power to carry weapons–as they should. But apparently they can’t handle that responsibility. Morons if you ask me, but when you give that power to morons they must be checked by alternative power. One way is just to let everyone be armed. Bloodshed and probably not the best solution. Another way is to assure courts oversee cops responsibly. Good in theory, but our experiment in America at least (it works in most other countries) has shown it to be a failure here.

    For some reason people-mostly cops-get the idea that they can push people around with impunity. Why? Because cops and judges degrade the rights that millions have fought and died for–including my family. It’s frankly disgusting.

    When your own government becomes your own worst enemy, you’re living under a tyrannical government. U.S., you’re living in a tyrrany of incompetents.

    Good luck and best holiday wishes.

  2. Anonomys
    November 20th, 2019 at 07:15 | #2

    He’s lying. In the book Mr. Simms said that Dr. Sunshine died at 5:45 AM. That’s incorrect. Dr. Sunshine was just waking up for his bike ride. The accident happened at 6:30 AM. Dr. Sunshine didn’t get to the hospital until he was half dead. By then it was too late. The doctors couldn’t save him unfortunately. Dr. Sunshine died at 10:30 AM. The Outlaws made this up to make Dr. Sunshine look bad. They’re lying about being innocent.

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