Houston Cops Arrest and Injure Chinese Deputy Consul on Consulate Grounds

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On the night of April 23, 2010, Houston police noticed a car driving without a license plate. The car did not stop and opened a gate and pulled into the Chinese consulate parking garage. Officers reportedly followed and arrested, handcuffed, and somehow injured the driver on the head and heck requiring him to be transported to a hospital.

Prior to the arrest, the driver told the police they were breaking the law by being on Chinese consulate grounds. The driver was a deputy consul named Yu Boren. Reportedly one of his family members, Ging Hua Deng, was in the car and observed the police brutality.

(from Houston Police Send Chinese Diplomat to Hospital)

CBS News has learned Boren Yu, a diplomat stationed at China’s consulate in Houston, Texas was arrested and injured Saturday night by Houston police who were unaware he was a diplomat when they cuffed him on consulate property.

According to information obtained by CBS News, Deputy Consular General Yu, 53, was driving in Houston with another passenger, when a marked Houston Police car attempted to pull him over for a missing license plate.

Yu did not slow down and kept driving to the Chinese Consulate, entering a garage via an automatic door with officers in pursuit.

Multiple Houston PD officers chased Yu into the building and placed him in handcuffs. The officers were unaware the building Yu entered was the Chinese Consulate, according a source.

The Chinese diplomat sustained injuries to his head and neck during the arrest and was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital by ambulance. The other passenger, Ms. Ging Hua Deng, was not injured.

By international law, the police violated the territorial sovereignty of China by stepping foot on the consulate grounds. Wrongfully arresting and injuring a Chinese official who has diplomatic immunity compounds the magnitude of their errors.

I love the ideals of the United States, but let’s face it, this country and its allies are not in compliance with many of them these days. American police and courts routinely persecute and even brutalize people who have not committed any crimes. The problems are occurring in nations such as Canada, too.

Let’s hope China runs with this story. It’s time for the United States to be exposed for being the human rights and civil rights violator that it is. Whether you are a foreign diplomat or an American citizen, you are not safe from police abuse in this country. Perhaps some international attention will help to change that.

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