Montgomery County Court Candidate Lisa Michalk Responds

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Lisa Michalk
Lisa Michalk

As our readers may be aware, we’ve taken an interest in the judicial election in the Montgomery County 221st District. This is the district in which ill-reputed Judge Suzanne Stovall still serves through the end of her term December 31, 2010. Fortunately, there are four candidates running to replace her so voters will have a choice. We emailed the candidates to encourage them to discuss their experience and positions regarding family law, false allegations, parental alienation, and high-conflict divorces.

Today we’ve received a response from Lisa Michalk.

Thank you for your interest in my campaign. I think the area of Family Law and the issues surrounding child custody are very important to our community. The reason that I have focused my answers on criminal law is that the Montgomery County Judges decided last year to essentially create a criminal court. The overwhelming majority of the cases being assigned to this court (approximately 95% according to Court staff) are criminal. However, I have a heart for children and understand that family law decisions have a huge impact on families. I can only promise you and the voters that I take the position of judge very seriously and I will be fair to both sides. I am known in the legal community for showing up on time, listening to my clients and showing respect for judges and other attorneys. When I was a prosecutor, I handled many cases where a child was placed with a parent that resulted in abuse to the child. So, I understand how difficult a situation can be for a child placed into a potentially dangerous situation. Also, as a prosecutor, I handled cases where false allegations were made against an ex-spouse to gain a favorable position in a family law proceeding. I promise to be fair and to listen to both sides without any preconceived notions of who is right.

I will expect attorneys to show up on time to court, to be prepared and to be honest in their dealings with their clients, the court and each other. I am familiar with personality disorders and have had to put on complex expert testimony in cases that I have personally handled. I frequently work with mental health specialists and am aware of how mental disorders can affect a case. I have worked in criminal and civil law and I feel as if my experience makes me qualified for this court.

Once again, thank you for asking tough questions and being concerned about who the next judge is. There are several candidate forums coming up and I would encourage you and your friends to come to them. My website is I have a list of the forums we are speaking at listed on the website.


Lisa Benge Michalk
Candidate for the 221st District Court

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  1. Mike from the Woodlands
    January 15th, 2010 at 17:10 | #1

    She will prosecute from the bench. That is scary. Good luck single fathers if she is elected. Scott Golemon looks to be the best choice for this race. He seems to have lots of community involvement. I also think his wife runs a food pantry in town.


  2. Odie
    May 3rd, 2017 at 07:08 | #2

    The Hon. Lisa Michalk apparently has forgotten sensibility and compassion. To make a long story short, she sentenced a young man to 6 months in County after, we the Jury felt 10 years probation would be adequate. I understand she is the all governing body at the end but I wonder is she truly fair? Has she lost site of humanity and only believes her “self righteous” ways are best for our community? Criminals should be punished but at least give the individual a chance. My comment will probably fall on deaf ears or perhaps receive negative responses but seeing this judge in action worries me.

    She is the worst Judge and she must be removed ASAP.

  3. Odie
    May 3rd, 2017 at 07:09 | #3

    If I could give this judge a review negative stars she is not following her own rules. I have never seen a more power trip in my life. I have not been convicted because I’m not guilty. So now that she has me in the system for testing positive for marijuana. and now she is making my case about drugs. She has defamed my Dr saying he is working as a pill mil. I can say that it’s not. There are only a few Doctors in this state that are allowed to do what my Dr is able to prescribe. So in essence she has accused me as using a pill Dr. and she should apologize directly to This Dr. for this rude comment, I am sure Dan, Tyler, Hunter and Sam would be saddened by the way she changes rules at a moments notice. This to me shows how unethical her ability is to properly judge a court room. This is a very dangerous woman. When she decides she is a DR. this is where she goes over the line. Michalk is crossing the line using her power to make decisions that are not in conjunction with the law, but part in lieu of this she is over ridding Dr. orders to imprison people. In my own personal opinion she likes to see people suffer. Sad thing is so did Hitler. This lady couldn’t earn my respect at this point. I have an ailment that if I do what she says I could Die. I know if I post this and she becomes upset and throws me in jail that would be because she is mad, That would be an act of retaliation and if I die following her restrictions of medication prior to her having any medical degree Montgomery county must know she is a liability to tax payers. Montgomery county courts. Because if my conditions worsen and I become sick to the point of no return. This will fall be Judge Michalk and the detective that wrongfully put out a warrant for my arrest. With false accusations only speculation. Which couldn’t be proved I had knowledge of any sort.

  4. Odie
    May 3rd, 2017 at 07:14 | #4
  1. March 9th, 2010 at 21:09 | #1

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