DCF Poaching on the Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren Kids?

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Tiger Woods is being called a hound, woman-chaser, slut, scoundrel, disgrace to golf, adulterer, etc. There’s no end to the insults some could fling at him. Probably there will be no end to the equally slutty bimbos trying to make a buck off their stories of “bedtime with Tiger”, too.

But what does that have to do with Child Protective Services (CPS), or DCF as they call them in Florida, showing up at the Woods residence? DCF should stay out of this mess.

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CPS / DCF On the Scene To “Help” The Kids

The answer is nothing — except now DCF has an excuse to be visiting the kids of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren. Some speculate that a recent DCF visit to the home was motivated by envious DCF employees wanting to get a look at a big beautiful house and terrorize somebody who is rich and famous.

Anybody who has seen the abusive lying social workers from DCF in action knows gambling odds are in favor of them lying, making threats, and hurting families to establish cause for job retention, promotion, or merely an amusing way to blow a few hours while kids somewhere else who really in need of help die so they don’t have to do the case paperwork on them.

When you children are in the cross-hairs of DCF, who wouldn’t be terrorized?

Employed DCF Social Workers Are Liars

Tiger, be sure to have a tape recorder handy! Never, ever, talk with DCF without having a recorder. Or a lawyer. Better yet, both.

After all, these are the same people who can take your statement “Go away, I want you to leave” and claim that you said “Go to hell, I won’t let you live.” Then they’ll call the police on you and have you shot and your children removed because they witnessed violence in the home. Government stooges causing such violence is their muy especial way of helping make their jobs a bit easier.

Maybe there’s an honest DCF social worker somewhere in Florida, but I’d wager you’d be more likely to find him or her in a disciplinary hearing, or in a casket, than working a scene in a home with children for their benefit.

Dishonesty is good policy for DCF workers. They get special training on how to lie effectively as part of their coursework in maximizing federal funding for local governments. Lies help bring in the federal funding, thousands per year for every family “helped” by a smiling DCF parasite.

Tiger, though you be a dumb lusty slut who couldn’t keep his pants on, that violent femme Elin may have dragged you to this twisted DCF land. Don’t you wish she had whacked you one in the head with a golf club? Recovering from that would be easier than recovering from what DCF does to so many families.

Elin’s An Angry White Woman, Hear Her Roar! (but watch out for the clubs)

Likely the real motivations behind the DCF visit are allegations of domestic violence. After Woods’ Cadillac Escalade was pummeled by Elin Nordegren as recited in her varied accounts of how she supposedly was trying to help Woods “escape” from the SUV by smashing out both of its rear passenger door windows with a golf club after chasing him down in a golf cart … nah, too aggressive sounding, walking …

yeah, walking after his SUV … that’s why there’s a golf cart in that picture, you know I need a golf cart to help me walk, too. I mean that driveway, it was soooooo loooooooong.

Elin Needs Anger Management Classes?

Golf cart or not, there’s already a reason to suspect there’s a violent person living in the house. Elin, methinks you might need some anger management classes! Maybe a “voluntary” 52 week batterer intervention program for you?

DCF can make money on forcing you to do that, they’ll gladly let you volunteer under threat of taking your children away. Maybe they will threaten Tiger to take away the kids and put them in foster care unless he signs an agreement to divorce you and keep you away from the kids and admit that you are a violent abuser. That’s their style in other less famous cases, why change what works for them? Oh, there’s public attention. Maybe if the general public sees well what DCF does to families in conflict, they might be upset. Better change strategies on this case.

The police dispatch record of an alleged DV incident more recent than the Escalade vs. golf club smash up shows that allegations have been made of violence with a weapon in front of the children. This was more than a week after the SUV smash up.

Do you think Elin ever put down those golf clubs for long?

Maybe Tiger is turning his back on golf because he wants to get all the clubs out of the house for his own safety?

Or maybe he just got tired of running away from Elin’s swinging fury and was afraid to risk smashing up another escape vehicle?

When you look at the photos of the SUV crash site and damage, it’s a reach to think there was any honestly helpful reason to be smashing in both of the rear passenger windows of the SUV. One is all that it would take to reach into the vehicle and open a door.

Maybe more likely Elin was fuming pissed off and wanted to make a point and thought that scratching Tiger up wasn’t enough to make her point. But smashing up his car — yes! He’d get the idea that it could have been his head smashed in with a golf club, and the message received would have been the message intended, disguised as a “car accident.”

The happenings in the wee hours of the morning seems odd. One commenter to the story Tiger Crash Witness — He Was Snoring had this theory:

I think he was in bed on heavy duty meds and Elin went through his phone. She woke him and confronted him (probably slapped or punched him). I think he grabbed his keys and took off. I bet he was incoherent from meds before he even left the driveway.

It has been confirmed that Tiger was taking Ambien (a sleep medicine) and Vicodin (a painkiller). It would be pretty surprising for him to not be asleep in bed, or at least trying to sleep. Tiger being found snoring by a neighbor in his crashed SUV matches up with this speculation.

If Tiger was DUI because he was being assaulted, that might put the FHP (Florida Highway Patrol) in a bit of a bind as to who to charge. What jury do you think would convict a person groggy on prescription sleep and pain meds for DUI and driving without shoes (illegal in Florida) if he only got up and tried to leave the scene to escape being physically assaulted?

Feministas Say: DV Is Bad, Except When We’re Doing It

Does Tiger’s adultery warrant domestic violence? By their venomous rage, the feminist majority apparently thinks so. But if they were the ones being attacked with a golf club by an irate husband after news of their affairs came out, do you think they’d be flapping their lips to that tune?

No, such a feminista would be sobbing about being a poor victim of an angry violent man and that’s why she had affairs. She needed some lovin’ from un hombre amable because she knew that someday, her husband would whack her upside the head with some violent words — words, mind you, hurt women more than golf clubs hurt men! — after finding out she had slept with a couple of dozen other guys. This is part of the double standard to which DCF subscribes. It makes them hesitate to ever do anything about violence against men, even if their involvement might be appropriate.

Tiger In Hiding, Needs New Sponsors

As for Tiger, he’s not totally stupid when he uses his uppermost head to control his behaviors. Perhaps he thought his best bet was to make the whole thing blow over by covering up for Elin. Stay out of the press, hide from the swinging golf clubs, and hope for Elin’s temper to stop flaring. Meanwhile, he was praying the floozies wouldn’t start coming out of the woodwork and bragging about how he’s so well endowed and honored them with his presents.

No matter what comes out of this mess, the more people talk about it, the more Tiger loses. He’s already lost his Accenture endorsement — apparently they don’t think standing by an abused slutty man is good for their image. Maybe Tiger can seeks sponsorships from Penthouse, Hustler, and the Busty Bikini Babes Bar instead?

Pictures of Feelings

You can see their real feelings in this photo from Tiger Woods: Injuries Caused by Wife, Not SUV, an article about Tiger’s confession to a friend about how he ran away when Elin was beating him up.

Tiger looks scared, confused, ashamed, and upset for having let his woody out of the bag and getting caught. Elin has that self-righteous “you’re going to pay!” look on her face. Obviously there’s some conflict here.

Some Advice

Tiger, in case you’re still in shock and not thinking clearly, remember you’ve got more to lose than money and an abusive angry white woman wife! You’ve got to think about the kids. Elin could be positioning herself to take the kids out of the country to a new home in Sweden. Do you think you’ll see them again if she does?

Sic your lawyers on her, slap a restraining order on her to keep the kids in Florida, and if necessary for your safety kick her out of the house with a no-contact order. If the roles were reversed, that’s exactly what she would have done to you.

But you can treat her better than she would you. Be sure to let the kids see their mommy, just make sure she can’t run away with them. She wouldn’t have let you “get away with that” if the roles were reversed. She’d be demanding no contact for you, not caring that keeping kids from seeing a parent is bad for them in all but the most extreme circumstances. You can set a better example than that while still trying to keep yourself in the lives of your children.

Kids Need Both Parent, DCF Should Stay Out Unless Extreme Harm Is Likely

Kids need both parents. Usually, it’s because both have something useful to offer to their kids. In this case, like nearly every other, the parents aren’t perfect. But at the very least the kids can learn from their parents’ mistakes. From daddy’s example they can learn not to be sluts, and from mommy’s example they can learn not to chase down SUVs in golf carts and swing golf clubs at their windows.

Elin might have had a violent outburst and that would explain a lot of what has happened. If so, it was wrong. Even more wrong than Tiger being a sex-fiend, and there’s no doubt that was wrong. But it’s sort of understandable why she might react so badly given the extreme circumstances of what she was learning.

Domestic violence is a bad thing, just as bad when it is against men as when against women. But total intolerance for atypical DV causing only minor injuries that arises in typically calm people from extreme high-stress situations, however, is probably worse than that kind of DV itself.

Even if the speculation that Elin really was going after Tiger in a rage is accurate, do you think she’d do the same to the kids? Do you think she might have learned that even she can crack at some point and do the wrong thing? Do you think she might try harder to avoid it again?

No good will come of splitting the kids apart from their parents, whether it is by DCF’s doing or the parents doing. Both parents have messed up and now the children are at risk. But DCF getting involved will just make matters worse. DCF can leave this family alone to let this family heal and try to work out a good resolution for the kids, can’t they?

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  1. Harrison
    December 16th, 2009 at 10:03 | #1

    I’m a custodial father that has been through the false allegation and CPS “investigation” and survived children in tact, but worse for the intrusion.

    The CPS/DCF will break laws, lie and do any of many unscrupulous things to achieve what ever their goal may be.

    Tiger and wife should each pick up a club and drive those parasites from their property and lives. DCF has no rhyme or reason to interfere, that makes this an illegal investigation and tantamount to harassment and other illegal activities.

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  2. January 12th, 2010 at 18:46 | #2

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