Amicus Curiae brief filed for Emad Tadros v. Stephen Doyne

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Multiple parties including members of the California Coalition for Families and Children and the National Coalition for Men have filed an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief on the Emad Tadros v. Stephen Doyne lawsuit (San Diego Superior Court Case 37-2008-00093885-CU-BT-CTL) involving the alleged fraud and misconduct of Doyne in a psychological evaluation in San Diego in a child custody dispute. Attorney Cole Stuart, who prepared this brief, is looking for more supporters for their position. As you’ll see in the current copy of the Tadros v Doyne amicus brief, there is a long list of backers. If you read it and find yourself in agreement, you can fill out one of the blank signature pages and fax in your support to Cole Stuart at 424-228-5272. The added signatures will be filed as part of a supplemental filing.

(from Tadros v Doyne Amicus Brief – Corruption in San Diego Family Court)

The National Coalition For Men joined in this amicus brief, Tadros v Doyne amicus brief. You can read our letter in Appendix B.

Attorney Cole Stuart put together this excellent brief in less time than it takes to bail out of jail for a false domestic violence charge. As of this typing attorney Stuart is still requesting more individuals and organizations sign on as supporters.

If interested you will find near the back of the brief blank signature pages. Just print one out, fill in the requested information, and fax to Cole Stuart at 424.228.5272. More contact information is in the brief if you want to scan and email a copy to Cole or otherwise contact him for additional information. The brief has been filed but additional supporters will be submitted to the Court supplement-ally.

You can Google “Tadros” and “Doyne” (both words in quotes with the and in the middle for even more background).

Take Care,

Harry Crouch

President, National Coalition For Men

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  1. March 18th, 2010 at 03:25 | #1

    I am a maternal grandma. My daughter and the father of the baby are both drug addicts and idots. Right now the father has the baby and they go to court friday for custody and paternity. Can I file an amicus brief myself in pro per? I would like to say whats on my mind and offer myself and husband to take temporary custody of the baby until they are fit. I don’t want to chime in with either one of the parents, neither should have custody, and my daughter is homeless. What should i do?

    • March 18th, 2010 at 16:14 | #2

      Some courts may allow a grandparent or other party interested in the child custody situation to file what is called a “joinder” that allows them to join the case. This depends unfortunately a lot upon individual judges, some of whom are not inclined to allow extended family any role in a child’s life. You should attend court hearings to understand the behaviors and attitudes of the judge in your grandchild’s custody case.

      Amicus briefs often discuss how a particular case is important to the law and how decisions in that case will impact other similar cases. Your situation is not unique, there are other cases in which children are in the custody of abusive or neglectful parents and other relatives would be willing and able to take much better care of the children.

      I personally believe that you’d be more likely at becoming heavily involved in your grandchild’s life if you can show that you can both provide a stable and caring home and that you will work to ensure the child has access to both parents and will increase that access if and when they resolve their drug addiction problems.

      You may also be going up against CPS to protect your grandchild. CPS has a financial interest in declaring your grandchild’s parents abusive and unfit, appropriating your grandchild as a ward of the state, and then throwing him or her into foster care or adoption. CPS is paid by the federal government via Title IV funding to do all of these things.

      The financial incentives the US federal government has set up to victimize families and children are a substantial obstacle to any meaningful reforms in family law and local CPS agencies. So-called “family values” groups in national and state politics are in my view a sham unless they act to reform or eliminate Title IV funding programs that harm families and children far more seriously that the crap on TV, foul language in music, and other morality issues on which they often concentrate.

  2. one of thousands
    September 19th, 2010 at 20:38 | #3

    Doyne’s legacy is disgrace. He has been exposed to have fraudulent certifications, to have lied on his resume three times, to have changed the names of institutions he claimed granted him legitimate credentials, has bilked dozens of parents out of millions of dollars at $20,000 per “evaluation” (an outrageous sum for someone with his weak, fraudulent credentials), has been sued numerous times for fraud, malpractice, lying and theft.

    These are not controvertable facts–see the evidence by searching Doyne, Channel 10, San Diego Reader, or simply review the files for yourself at https://angiemedia dot com/case-files/stephen-doyne-files/.

    At events he speaks at he regularly tells audiences that the lawsuits against him have “been dismissed.” First, it’s a lie. There are at least two ongoing lawsuits involving Doyne. That the man continues to lie about verifiable facts should speak volumes more about his integrity and professional values.

    But even more troubling is that Doyne does not tell his audience members that the only reason he is able to protect himself against these charges–which are demonstrably true-is that he is hiding behind what he calls “quasi-judicial immunity.” In other words, he’s saying “I’ve been successful in thwarting efforts to hold me accountable for my lies, fraud, and abuse of my clients and their children because even though I’m a private professional, I work in a courthouse sometimes.”

    No kidding folks–like any doctor, he works in a private practice, is not paid by courts, yet fraudulently charges tens of thousands of dollars per “evaluation” and claims he cannot be liable for liability for fraud and professional negligence that every one of his professional colleagues can be held accountable for.

    His only defense is that he can lie, cheat, and steal because he believes there are “immunity” laws which allow him to get away with it.

    Yet despite the fact that he essentially admits to dozens of extraordinarily harmful acts of bilking clients and their children–he hasn’t issued any apology, hasn’t changed his fraudulent and thieving ways, hasn’t refunded any client’s money, and most troubling repeatedly continues to make the very same misrepresentations that have been proven false numerous times.

    In other words, he’s a “free radical” criminal taking advantage of his clients, thumbing his nose at the law, and screwing over attorneys, their clients, and their children, yet getting paid millions per year. And because of the inaction of courts and complacency of attorneys who throw their clients into the cesspool of this man’s practice, he continues to earn millions under the nose of the judges and attorneys we’ve entrusted with the responsibility to care for our community.

    This disturbing reality shows exactly what George Carlin stated in 2007 before his death: “Your government doesn’t give a s**t about you.” Your government, San Diego, is saying “sure, it’s clear Doyne rips people off, lies, and harms people and their kids, but we’re okay with that.” No kidding folks–your government is complicit in, and indeed encourages, this (and other) illegal conduct. If that doesn’t give you reason to wake up and throw these incompetent and/or crooked judges and bureaucrats out of office, what will?

    San Diego–if you’re willing to permit this kind of corruption and abuse, you’re contributing to the demise of your community. In which case you must be ignorant, far too self-abosrbed to see the big picture, in on the deal, or taking way too much Prozac. Wake up San Diego–before it sinks further into despotism. To quote Ben Franklin, “It’s a republic, if you can keep it.” Take it back, and keep it the great city that it is.

  3. Victims of San Diego Courts
    September 23rd, 2010 at 18:55 | #4

    Doyne isn’t the only bad 730 evaluator.

    Look at Stephen Sparta. The man is a joke. He has his own set of rules that say he will not talk with anybody unless both parents approve. So Sparta helps very dishonest and manipulative people hide their problems by refusing to talk with people who know them well.

    Sparta used to head Rady Children’s Hospital psychology department and still has an office there. Guess it is more lucrative to steal from rich families than to abuse children directly as Children’s Hospital, esp. Chadwick Center, has for a long time.

    Sparta and his friends want to steal from even more families and the taxpayers. Channel 10’s coverage on him pointed out he thinks everybody, not just rich families, should get psychological evaluations. Yeah, hurt and rob as many as they can!

    San Diego, abusing your children is the key to the income of people like Sparta, Doyne, judges, lawyers, and CPS case workers. Don’t let these people in the door, work out your problems without them or you will suffer tremendously.

    • September 24th, 2010 at 03:39 | #5

      I did a little looking and found the source material at Channel 10 about Steven Sparta, Ph.D.. Here’s what it says:

      (from I-Team Examines High Costs Of Family Court: Parents Say They Are Drained Of Money By Court Professionals)

      Stephen Sparta, Ph.D., spoke before a gathering of family law attorneys, judges and evaluators last spring and pointed out that evaluations are thorough and can help spot the psychosis in parents. He gave examples of violent outcomes of custody battles to make his point.

      “Sometimes I feel badly that people without money don’t get these evaluations,” he told the crowd.

      The I-Team confirmed that low income families, even those with documented conflict, are not ordered to get the custody evaluations because there is nobody to pay for it. The reports are only used for families with financial means.

      Reading through the comments, there are others who are critical of Stephen Sparta.

      Eileen Lasher
      In our Family Law Case my children and I have been held hostage for 15 years. My children’s Court Appointed Minor’s Counsel disregarded evidence of spousal abuse, children abuse as well as child endangerment. Initially Dr. Sparta was assigned to our case. Dr. Sparta taunted me during a telephone conversation – I explained to him that I had taped the conversation – he immediately wrote a letter to the Court requesting to be removed from the case. Dr. Sparta is a sick man. My children finally removed themselves because of abuse and neglect from their father’s home. At this point we are trying to resolve the divorce, housekeeping issues and child support. DCSS documented that my ex husband a San diego Police Officer evaded service along with two other SDPD officers. The trial for that was initially scheduled for 4/16/10 but somehow has been continued to 7/30/10.

      Litigants are skiptraced and when money is found the cases are churned for excessive fees and extended periods of time. The best interest of the attorneys, evaluators and special masters’ wallets. The initial investment does come from the County aka tax payers. In simple terms I believe it is government funded racketeering. Hopefully at some point the FBI will do their due diligence and conduct an investigative audit and refer the criminal activity to the US Attorney’s Office.

      You can read more about Eileen Lasher’s story and view a video of an interview with her via our article Eileen Lasher on San Diego CPS/Family Law Court Misconduct.

      We are aware of another case with Sparta as a custody evaluator in which there were problems with bias and dishonesty on his part. He will apparently stick up for his friends and lie to defend them, review evidence for which he has no credentials or expertise to evaluate, and then make clearly inaccurate statements about such evidence with the air of an “expert” when he is not. Biased and incompetent judges swallow this sort of thing up.

  4. one of thousands
    September 23rd, 2010 at 19:46 | #6

    @Victims of San Diego Courts: Agreed. Sparta, Love, Dess, et al. are all equally incompetent and/or corrupt. If your attorney accepted, stipulated to, or didn’t tell you to run from these snake oil salesmen, sue your attorney. See Stuart v. Ashworth, Blanchet, Kristensen & Kalemenkarin for details, go to, or search Google groups for our extensive resource directory with lawsuit files for Doyne et al. Don’t take it sitting down–you were taken advantage of–fight back.

  5. Disgusted With Child Abusing Shrinks
    March 27th, 2011 at 21:30 | #7

    Steven Sparta is a more polished version of Doyne. He is incompetent, dishonest, and a money-grubber just like Doyne. He violates court rules. He lies on the stand.

    “Doc” Sparta is more smooth in his personal manner so you won’t find as many people as enraged with him as with Doyne. Don’t let that fool you — this man has hurt many children in his career as he puts raking in the $$$ as his top priority. He is just as dangerous as Doyne.

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