Father’s Day: Time To Remember Kids Need Both Parents

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If this was a sane and reasonable world, I’d get to see my kids today. But being another victim of an alienating mother, I’m out of luck and feeling quite depressed today. So I’ve been cruising the web, trying to drown out my sorrows in learning.

I ran across an inspiring article about why fathers are important written by Bruce Walker about his and his wife’s fathers. I’ll quote some of it here, you can click on over to the original posting to read the rest if it catches your interest.

(from Wishing Fathers Weren’t Vital)

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Wishing Fathers Weren’t Vital

My father was the finest person that I ever knew. He was the only individual I ever met whose family had been actually tortured by the Ku Klux Klan. Dad had more bad luck in his life than most people have in a dozen lives. Yet he never lied to me, even once, and he never deliberately hurt anyone. When he could have stayed home in a safe, cushy civilian job, dad joined the military specifically because he wanted to fight Hitler. People, years after his death, would tell me how smart he was, how wise he was, how noble he was.

My wife’s father was the finest person she ever knew. His youth was spent as an abused slave laborer in Hitler’s Hell. Tortured by the SS, never knowing which day would be his last, he nevertheless spent much of his six years in the ghastly regions of the Holocaust saving lives. Every living relative he had was murdered by the Nazis. Yet he spent the last sixty years of his life married to a woman he loved, working hard for many years, and then overseeing a New York park which had been overrun with gangs and drugs so that families could have a happy and safe place so conspicuous by its absence in his own life.

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