Keith Fink – Dirtiest Lawyer in Los Angeles?

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Keith Fink, a lawyer in Los Angeles, apparently has a lot of people upset at him over his conduct. Somebody is so upset at him that they have started advertising using Google AdWords to attract attention to Fink’s alleged misconducts. Allegations include informing clients to perjure themselves, sham arbitrations, extortion, and malicious prosecution. Examples of reported court findings against Fink include a $7500 fine for fabricating evidence by instructing client Mary Nelson to lie about her income.

The banner below is one of the Google AdWords advertisements that has been running lately. They have even shown up on our web site, which is what first brought this to our attention. Click on it and you’ll be taken to the web site The Keith Fink Files – The Legal Antics of Keith A Fink, a compendium of documents, fines and frivolous lawsuits.

It appears the man has made a lot of enemies and the evidence cited on web sites about him makes him look quite shady. We don’t personally know Fink or whether any of the claims about him are true.

More importantly, we’re quite sure there are a lot of very dirty lawyers out there in America. Family law is one of the areas with the dirtiest practices, with attorneys lying in court, arranging for witnesses to lie, and distorting and spinning to a host of professionals including court officials, the police, psychological evaluators, Child Protective Services, and others.

We’re completely in support of the idea of exposing and discrediting dirty attorneys. Since the courts and bar associations appear to have abdicated their oversight of the legal professions for all but the most serious infractions, it appears the public has little choice but to vociferously skewer dirty lawyers, making their misconduct widely known, and thereby helping to protect abused litigants from their misconduct. Who knows, maybe someday the courts and bar associations will actually do something about these dirty lawyers if their misconduct is sufficiently exposed to force them to act.

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