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Marriage Rates At Record Lows, Are Americans Realizing Marriage Isn’t Safe?

September 28th, 2010 2 comments

The US Census Department revealed that marriage rates in 2009 were the lowest in more than 100 years. While they attribute it to the economy, those of us who have seen what it is like to have children and marital conflict in the US know that the government’s anti-family and victim-persecuting policies are major disincentives to marrying.

Given the lack of psychological education for children, many suffer badly from child abuse with no help coping. Many of these abused kids go on to become abusers themselves.

Few know how to identify these abusive adults until after they marry them and discover they are being emotionally, verbally, and sometimes physically abused on a frequent basis. It is far too easy to inadvertently marry a sociopath.

Even when you figure out you have married an abusive person, the courts will often, perhaps even usually, not protect you from these people. Instead, they take the abuser’s side and help them commit even more abuses. “Take the kids, take the house, it’s your reward for terrorizing your spouse” is the common refrain of the black-robed bandits in American family law courts.

Is it any wonder why more and more people are wondering whether marriage in America is even safe any more?

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America’s Love Affair with Adultery

July 12th, 2009 1 comment

It’s the dawn of a new age. In America, it’s now socially acceptable for married people to not only intentionally seek out extramarital sexual affairs but even for businesses to promote and profit from them doing so. Seedy whorehouses and call-girl services now seem both outdated and out-of-touch as married women want to jump in the sack with men (or women) other than their spouses and can quickly hop on the web to help them quickly hop on top of their next sexual conquest.

While prostitution is still illegal in most of America, the legal business of adultery assistance now features high-tech entrepreneurs who legally make a profit helping their customers to initiate, arrange, and manage those extramarital affairs. is one of them which will help you do it. As I’m writing this article, they claim to have more than 26,000 members online “right now” and over 4 million members signed up. I’m not against profit, but as for this way of doing it — YUCK!
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Erin Pizzey, Domestic Violence Pioneer

February 9th, 2009 2 comments

Another of my favorite “real feminist” authors is Erin Pizzey. She was a pioneer in domestic violence activism, in 1971 setting up the Chiswick Refuge in London, UK as one of the first shelters for battered women in the world.

Early on in her work at Chiswick, she noticed that many of the women coming to her shelters were “violence prone”. They sought out abusive relationships and committed a significant amount of violence themselves. Often their violent ways triggered their partner’s abuses against them. Worse, these families raised their children to be a new generation of abusers addicted to violent behaviors.

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Choice of Marriage Therapist is Critical

January 2nd, 2009 1 comment

The choice of a marriage therapist is a very serious matter.  Some of them are pro-marriage, capable of maintaining civility during sessions, and push both parties to try to work out their problems but in a neutral, unbiased fashion and without ordering the patients to take drastic actions.  Such therapists can be a great asset.  They will listen to both sides objectively, tease out inconsistencies, get people to open up about their real problems and issues, and enable progress towards resolving the problems.  The best of them even gradually teach their clients how to do these things themselves.

However, if you pick a poor therapist, you may rapidly find that not only will your marriage be destroyed, you may also end up with losing contact with your children and/or false criminal allegations against you.  This is particularly a problem for men, but can happen to women, too.

A poor marriage therapist can destroy your marriage and create a “death spiral” out of your life.

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