Taxi Cab Driver Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault As Ploy to Avert $13 Cab Fare

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Soner Yasa is a cab driver in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, who experienced a horrific ordeal that presented a dire threat to his personal freedom. Yasa was falsely accused of a crime against women. As so many men experience, the police are ready and willing to abuse the actual victim of a crime and encourage future criminal conduct when the criminal is a dishonest woman and the victim is a man.

In Yasa’s case, four drunk women reported to police that he had sexually assaulted them as a ploy to refuse to pay a $13 cab fare. It was only thanks to his cab’s audio and video surveillance equipment that he was spared jail.

Destroying a man’s life over $13

Yasa had picked up the four women outside a bar on Whyte Avenue. He says they hopped into his cab “uninvited” and then demanded to be driven to a residential neighborhood. At least one of the intoxicated women tried smoking in his cab. He told them they could not do this because it is illegal and could trigger a $500 fine. They demanded he stop the cab and refused to pay the $13 fare. The women then proceeded to falsely report their allegation of sexual assault to the police and to their friends and onlookers, allegedly triggering a mob of people to acting threateningly towards Yasa until police arrived and could investigate.

Police initially were prepared to arrest Yasa until he showed them a video. Yasa was able to prove to the police that the women are liars by showing them a recording from his cab’s audio video recorder. He had previously installed three video cameras in an attempt to enhance his personal safety after an incident two years earlier in which a passenger assaulted him.

Police tracked down the women and collected the $13 cab fare. However, they failed to file charges against them despite their actions being criminal in nature.

Western nations have systematically overridden “innocent until guilty” provisions in their Constitutions in recent decades with a growing array of laws that presume a man is guilty when accused by a woman. As a result, men are increasingly at risk of being falsely accused of a crime by a women for motives of revenge, jealousy, or self-gain.

A Western man without audio and video surveillance and objective third party witnesses around him at all times is a man who is at risk for being lied against and falsely deprived of his freedom. In many cases, these falsely accused men lose their jobs, homes, children, marriages, and freedom. Nothing is done to remedy these crimes or to punish the false accuser, even when it is later proven the men were falsely accused.

When the government fails to prosecute people who make false allegations of crimes, they encourage others to do the same. The result is that today we have rampant use of malicious false reporting of crimes as a means of revenge or to manipulate the courts and government in divorce and child custody battles. Police and courts are routinely used as weapons of harassment against the ex. There is generally no restitution to the actual victim when it is shown the allegations were false and malicious, even when it can be shown the police acted illegally and the false accuser was acting with intent to harm.

People who maliciously falsely accuse another of a crime that could land them in prison for years are very dangerous criminals. These people often tend to engage in false reports against multiple people, thereby exploiting and wasting taxpayer resources in quests to wrongly harm other people.

These false accusers belong in prison. But when police and the courts fail to put them there, the message these liars get is that even when they can be proven to be criminals nothing will happen to them. They are frequently emboldened to invent new lies to attack new victims thanks to the lessons they were taught by irresponsible government.

In the US, UK, and Canada, such false accusations are often used by women to harm men. But in nations such as Iran, it is common for men to make false allegations to harm women. As California attorney Aly Ebrahimzadeh explains, the American legal system is biased against men similarly to how the Iranian legal system is biased against women:

Quoted from Sexism in Divorce Court: A Comparative Understanding of the Case of Sakineh Ashtiani in Iran and Child Custody Statistics in California and the USA:

Discrimination and sexism is rampant in divorce courts and child custody matters in the San Francisco Bay Area, including in San Jose, Oakland, Hayward, and Santa Cruz, California. A comparison with the discrimination and sexism found in Iran’s divorce and family law courts allows us to understand the flip side of the anti-father Californian child custody court system.

In Iran’s sexist and corrupt legal system, when a person is convicted of adultery, the punishment is stoning until death. To convict a woman of adultery in Iran, a man must make the allegation and bear witness against her. To convict a man of adultery in Iran, two women must testify against him, because in Iran’s sexist legal system, a woman’s testimony is considered half as trustworthy as a man’s. A man’s word is all that is required, therefore, to charge and convict a woman of adultery – and essentially, to kill her by the legal punishment of stoning.

Increasingly dishonest abusive men are realizing that they, too, can level false allegations against women. Family courts in many places have started to treat falsely accused women as badly as they do falsely accused men, reasoning that this is more fair. These courts appear to believe the answer is to abuse everybody regardless of gender rather than to enforce laws against perjury and filing of false police and child abuse reports.

Anybody regardless of gender can be a false accuser, a victim, or a criminal. Gender should not matter in the eyes of the law in a civilized nation. But in sexist abusive nations such as Iran, Canada, US, and UK, the gender of those involved is often the most important single factor in legal outcomes.

Honest men and women everywhere should be loudly opposing these practices as they all have so much to lose. All it takes in today’s legal climate is one false allegation and one can lose everything important in life including career, family, freedom, and emotional and economic security.

Even if you do not think this will happen to you, what could happen to your father, mother, brother, sister, son, or daughter if they are falsely accused of a crime? How many more will suffer persecution via the dual crimes of false accusations and consequent government harassment?

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