US Senate Candidate Scott Brown Supports Shared Parenting

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Three candidates are running to fill deceased Massachusetts politician Ted Kennedy’s position in the U.S. Senate. They are Scott Brown, Martha Coakley, and Joe Kennedy. Massachusetts citizens will be voting in this important race on January 19, 2010. We urge them to vote for Scott Brown to support the rights of children and parents to be involved in each others’ lives.

Of the three candidates, Scott Brown is the only one with a record of supporting shared parenting. He’s presently a state senator in Massachusetts who has co-sponsored shared parenting legislation.

Martha Coakley’s track record in office makes it clear she supports prosecutorial and judicial abuses against parents, particularly men and fathers. She’s an attorney general and her track record in similar offices shows she is strongly against civil rights and against correcting the unjust outcomes of wrongful prosecutions.

Joe Kennedy’s positions on such matters are unclear, perhaps in part because he’s not presently in office. But he is running as a Libertarian candidate, an advocate for smaller government, and is no relation to the Kennedy clan or Ted Kennedy’s leftist politics.

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Scott Brown Supports Presumptive Shared Parenting

The government’s abusive practice of depriving children of parent without substantial cause and compelling evidence is inexcusable. Brown supports stopping abuses and has sponsored legislation to do so. He’s co-sponsored bill HB 1400 to create a legal presumption of shared parenting.

Persecuting Innocents, Protecting Terrorists are Coakley’s Goals

Coakley is on record of questioning the treatment of terrorists in Guantanomo. While I’d agree that there’s reason to debate the appropriate methods for handling of terrorist suspects with significant physical evidence against them, I don’t see how anybody with a sound mind can be taking the positions backed by Coakley in other areas.

My chief area of concern about Coakley is her championing the persecution of wrongly prosecuted citizens. Martha Coakley as a district attorney was an abusive and dishonest, placing her political ambitions above justice and the law. She insisted on persecuting the Amiraults, a family that had run the Fells Acres Day School day care center, with punishments for crimes that probably never occurred.

The Fells Acres Day school abuse cases are just as incredulous as the false prosecutions occurring all over the United States in the 1980’s for fantastic sex crimes against children with zero physical evidence after children were manipulated by incompetent therapists, corrupt cops, and predatory prosecutors to fabricate stories that made absolutely no sense. The Amiraults cases are the Massachusetts version of the McMartin preschool debacle started by schizophrenic mother Judy Johnson in Los Angeles and the James Wade and Dale Akiki prosecutorial abominations in San Diego.

(from Martha Coakley: Too Immoral for Teddy Kennedy’s Seat)

During the daycare/child molestation hysteria of the ’80s, Gerald Amirault, his mother, Violet, and sister, Cheryl, were accused of raping children at the family’s preschool in Malden, Mass., in what came to be known as the second-most notorious witch trial in Massachusetts history.

The allegations against the Amiraults were preposterous on their face. Children made claims of robots abusing them, a “bad clown” who took the children to a “magic room” for sex play, rape with a 2-foot butcher knife, other acts of sodomy with a “magic wand,” naked children tied to trees within view of a highway, and — standard fare in the child abuse hysteria era — animal sacrifices.

There was not one shred of physical evidence to support the allegations — no mutilated animals, no magic rooms, no butcher knives, no photographs, no physical signs of any abuse on the children.

Not one parent noticed so much as unusual behavior in their children — until after the molestation hysteria began.

There were no witnesses to the alleged acts of abuse, despite the continuous and unannounced presence of staff members, teachers, parents and other visitors at the school.

Not one student ever spontaneously claimed to have been abused. Indeed, the allegations of abuse didn’t arise until the child therapists arrived.

Nor was there anything in the backgrounds of the Amiraults that fit the profile of sadistic, child-abusing monsters. Violet Amirault had started the Fells Acre Day School 18 years before the child molestation hysteria erupted.

Thousands of happy and well-adjusted students had passed through Fells Acres. Many returned to visit the school; some even attended Cheryl’s wedding a few years before the inquisition began.

It’s one thing to put a person in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. It’s another to put an entire family in prison for a crime that didn’t take place.

Courts and Parole Board Questioned Evidence, Coakley Backed Continued Persecution

Judges and parole boards who later got wind of what had been done to the Amiraults pushed hard to free them and revoke their sentences. A complete lack of physical evidence despite serious allegations such as shoving a 4 inch long knife blade up the rectum of a toddler made this case impossible for any objective person to believe. Yet Coakley, as a prosecutor, backed this one all the way despite harsh criticisms directed as her district attorney’s office by judges.

Coakley Backs Misuse of Restraining Orders

She’s also in favor of the use of restraining orders to terrorize men in particular. People familiar with the abuses of restraining orders know they are frequently handed out without any real cause or due process, stripping away people’s civil rights for no just cause. Coakley is in favor of this and of persecuting and prosecuting those who have been abused with falsely obtained restraining orders. While men are frequently the target of these abuses, they are increasingly being inflicted upon women, also.

If Coakley wins the Senate race, her track record suggests she will continue to stand for the persecution and violation of the civil rights of the innocent.

Joe Kenndy Too Much An Unknown

Joe Kennedy may be a perfectly good candidate. I agree with him about cutting down the size and influence of the federal government. Unfortunately, polls are showing that he’s likely only going to take several percent of the vote and may split the opposition to Coakley to improve her changes of being elected.

Unfortunately, in a country dominated by a corrupt two-party system, candidates for alternative political parties are not likely to get enough votes to do anything but split the vote, often reducing the chances to win the election for the Republican or Democrat most like. Perhaps this is why Coakley is trying to generate more recognition for him as she reasons it a means to split the vote against her.

Vote for Freedom and Civil Rights, Not Tyranny and Persecution

There’s legitimate reason to debate questions on the economy, health care, and American involvement in foreign wars. I can even see why people debate abortion, although I personally think that this debate is pursued largely by a bunch of extremists on either side of the issue.

As for me, I tend to look at the issues for which there should be no debate as the facts are very clear.

After doing some reading on Coakley and the Fells Aces Day School cases, I’m appalled by how outrageous her position in this matter has been. She’s an extremist, happy to persecute people and destroy their lives in pursuit of her personal political agenda. In my view, she doesn’t belong in politics, she belongs in prison or purgatory for crimes against citizens who deserved far better. Her support for the persecution of the Amiraults is a prime example of her evil behaviors. There’s no legitimate reasons for many of the positions on family law and civil rights held by candidate Martha Coakley.

If you have children, believe in the US Constitution, accept that parent/child relationships are fundamental to the rights and best interests of citizens, and especially if you are a divorced parent, you should be voting for Scott Brown.

If you believe that children should be stripped of their parents, terrorists should be treated better than regular citizens, and lying and government backed terrorism is good policy, vote for Coakley.

If you can’t in good conscience vote for any of these candidates or simply want to protest Coakley’s style of politics over justice, vote as a write-in for Gerald Amirault, one of the surviving family members who was persecuted by Martha Coakley over the Fells Acres Day School “crimes” that never occurred.

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