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If you’re shopping for amino acid and protein supplements, Affordable Supplements is one of the best web sites around. They carry a wide variety of products from hundreds of large, medium, and niche manufacturers including quality low-priced dietary supplement makers such as NOW Foods and 1FAST400.

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In this article, we highlight a few of the products available at Affordable Supplements that help slow aging and prevent complications from diabetes. These include NOW Foods Carnosine and 1FAST400 bulk powder amino acids including Beta Alanine, Histidine, and Taurine.

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Slowing Down Aging With Carnosine and Related Amino Acids

Almost every adult would like to slow down aging. People who suffer from diabetes are particularly at risk from age-related diseases caused by sugar cross-linking of proteins called glycation. Glycation damages proteins throughout the body, creating sugar/protein molecules known as Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs). It is related to the browning you see from cooking food. Your body is literally cooking in a similar fashion, and the cooking causes more damage with increasing age.

In recent years, research has found that there are a number of biochemical compounds that can inhibit or even reverse glycation. Carnosine is one of these compounds. It is built from the amino acids beta alanine and histidine. While most people’s bodies can generate it, the lack of beta alanine typically is the limiting factor. Carnosine is often found in meat products, but seldom found in plant products.

Some of the other compounds that have been identified to block or reverse glycation include:

Carnosine does more than just block and reverse AGEs. It is also an antioxidant, a chelator capable of binding to and removing toxic heavy metals from the body, and inhibits oxidation of LDL cholesterol that can lead to atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

Carnosine levels in aging people plummet. Vegetarians in particular are prone to deficiencies in carnosine. This may explains that why some studies find that vegetarians have peculiar health problems and may live shorter lives than omnivores who avoid excessive fat consumption:

(From Do Vegetarians Live Longer?)

What’s Missing in Vegetarian Diets?

Vegetarians are often deficient in vitamin B12, and those who avoid meat have long been advised to supplement with B12. While vegetarians are slightly more likely to suffer anemia than are meat eaters, this does not by itself explain why they do not enjoy greater longevity in their later years.

A fascinating paper recently published in the journal Mechanisms of Aging and Development presents an entirely new theory to explain why vegetarians do not live longer. It turns out that those who avoid eating beef suffer a deficiency of a nutrient (carnosine) that is critical to preventing lethal glycation reactions in the body.

For the benefit of new members, glycation can be defined as the toxic binding of glucose to the body’s proteins. Glycation alters the body’s proteins and renders them non-functional. While wrinkled skin is the first outward appearance of glycation, most degenerative diseases are affected in one way or another by pathological glycation reactions.

Diabetics suffer from accelerated glycation that contributes to the secondary diseases that result in premature death. For instance, glycation’s destructive effect on the arterial system results in a loss of elasticity, hypertension, and atherosclerosis. Glycation is involved in disorders as diverse as cataract, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Unless aggressive steps are taken, many aging adults will suffer the devastating effects of glycation to proteins throughout their bodies. This fact was established recently when it was shown that even healthy people with slightly elevated glycation levels are at higher risk for heart attack.

Vegetarians have higher levels of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in their blood compared to those who eat meat. This is because an exclusively vegetarian diet would lack carnosine, nature’s most potent anti-glycating agent.

For vegetarians who fastidiously adhere to a diet devoid of meat, their “Achilles’ heel” may be lack of carnosine. This was confirmed in a paper published in October 2005 titled, “Glycation, ageing and carnosine: Are carnivorous diets beneficial?”

Food Preparation: Raw and Boiled Have Advantages

The method of cooking what you eat has a major effect on your dietary intake of unwanted AGEs. For instance, tofu is normally thought of as a healthy food and certainly is one that is often consumed by vegetarians. Yet broiled tofu has about 5 times the AGE content as raw tofu! The lesson is that foods which are safe to eat raw or cooked at low temperatures, such as boiled, generally contain less damaged proteins than the same food prepared with high temperature methods such as frying, broiling, and baking.

Even if you eat raw and boiled foods, your body is still cooking itself from inside and making AGEs every day. Consequently, dietary supplements that can help block and reverse AGE buildup can benefit your health.

Affordable Supplements sells a number of competitively priced anti-AGE supplements. We’d like to highlight both convenient Carnosine capsules such as NOW Foods L-Carnosine 500mg 100 capsules and the inexpensive bulk powder amino acid precursors to L-Carnosine, Beta Alanine and Histidine, sold at excellent prices under the 1FAST400 brand carried by Affordable Supplements. They also offer bulk powder pricing on L-Taurine, too, which as discussed has anti-AGE properties. Finally, Sci-Fit offers a powder mix of beta alanine and histidine which contains the correct ratio (1780mg of beta alanine to 220mg of histidine) for the body to make more carnosine on its own.

NOW Foods L-Carnosine 100 capsules of 500mg each for $23.99
(typical use is 1 to 3 capsules per day)

1FAST400 Beta-Alanine, 1000 grams powder for $37.99
(typical use is 3g to 6g per day)

1FAST400 Histidine Base Powder, 100 grams for $16.95
(typical use is 1g per day)

1FAST400 Taurine, 1000 grams powder for $19.95
(typical use is 1g to 4g per day)

Sci-Fit Beta Alanine 2000 w/ L-Histidine, 300 grams powder for $18.99
(typical use is 2g to 4g per day)

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