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How to Win Custody by Framing Your Ex for Child Sexual Abuse

July 3rd, 2009 46 comments

This article discusses how malicious mothers can frame fathers for child sexual abuse. It is based upon real cases. Malicious moms sometimes share this kind of information to help each other abuse their children and frame the fathers. Other times they or friends or family aligned with them work out these tactics on their own, especially if they have medical backgrounds. The first step to figuring out how to defend against this kind of malicious false accusation and the child abuse involved is knowing how these crimes are committed.
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Support for Family Members of Those With BPD

January 18th, 2009 1 comment

(Click here for more coverage of Borderline Personality Disorder.)

If you’ve got a loved one or former loved one who has BPD, you’re likely to need a lot of emotional support to deal with the problems they present for you. Some may be lucky enough to have a relative with BPD who has gotten past the denial and is actively working on learning to improve behaviors. If you’re not so lucky, you may be in need of legal advice in family law, civil, and criminal arenas as Borderlines in pain and denial tend to lash out at their family or ex-family, as the case may be.

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