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Petition to Support Equal Parenting Bill in Tennessee

April 1st, 2010 5 comments

Amanda Hutchings of South Carolina has started a petition In Support of the Tennessee House Bill 2916 to support the equal parenting time bill before the Tennessee House.

Please sign the petition if you support the idea that kids deserve significant time with both of their parents except in cases in which a parent is declared unfit by clear and convincing evidence.

We’ve previously discussed the bill in our article Tennessee House Considering Equal Parenting Bill. You can find the text of the bill there. It is very simple and anybody who truly cares about children should be able to see this is a bill that should pass.

Depriving a child of time with a parent should never be done without solid reason or agreement by the parents. This bill enshrines that ideal into law by raising the standard of evidence to that used in most civil courts in the US rather than the much weaker “preponderance of evidence” (sometimes called the 51% standard) used in many family law courts.

Even if you do not live in Tennessee, your support on this petition may help show those in other states that the time for equal parenting has come.

Tennessee House Considering Equal Parenting Bill

March 30th, 2010 10 comments

Tennessee Representative Mike Bell has submitted House Bill 2916 to change the law to provide for 50/50 equal parenting unless there is clear and convincing evidence that one or both parents are unfit to care for the children.
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Update from the “Equal Parenting Petition” Folks

February 6th, 2009 No comments

We received this update from the people sponsoring the Equal Parenting Petition we mentioned last week and wanted to share it with you.

(Click here to see our original posting on this Equal Parenting Petition.)

From “JimBWarrior” ([email protected])

WOW – 506 signees last count!

Have a look – We are from all over the world and growing at an ever faster rate.

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