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Ellie Cunningham Arraignment for Assault on Husband Adam

July 1st, 2009 2 comments

Accused spousal abuser Ellie Cunningham reportedly appeared in court on May 29, 2009. She’s scheduled to appear next on July 6 for her arraignment on charges of assault with a weapon and assault causing bodily harm with regards to her alleged attack on Adam Cunningham that we described in our previous article Canadian Wife Assaults Husband Who Later Dies.
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Canadian Wife Assaults Husband Who Later Dies

April 29th, 2009 24 comments





On March 20, 2009, Ellie Cunningham viciously attacked her husband Adam with a broken wine glass, repeatedly slashing him and leaving him with multiple severe cuts on his arms and legs and a broken ankle. When police arrived and found him on the steps outside of their home in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, it was clear Ellie had badly assaulted him.

Ellie was arrested by police and a domestic violence (DV) investigation ensued. A restraining order was issued on the wife, and Adam moved in with his mother to recover from the assault. He had extensive stitches to hold together his slashed skin and surgery to repair his broken ankle. Unfortunately, he was found dead on his mother’s sofa three weeks later. An autopsy indicated the cause of death to be complications from the surgery to fix the damage from the DV assault.

During the time between the assault and his death, Adam was interviewed by police and wrote about his experiences during the nearly four years of marriage to Ellie. He recounted how Ellie would have outbursts and become verbally abusive.

Video news coverage of Adam’s death, including photos of his injuries and an interview with his sister Nikki, can be found at:

Global BC TV News Coverage of Death of Adam Cunningham

Oddly, his wife published this obituary claiming that she’ll miss him:
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