Interview with Sandra Levins, Author of “Was it the Chocolate Pudding?”

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I’ve previously written a review and comparison of six divorce books for children. One of my favorites is the book Was It the Chocolate Pudding?: A Story For Little Kids About Divorce written by author Sandra Levins.

Was It the Chocolate Pudding?: A Story For Little Kids About Divorce features a funny story about two brothers living primarily with their father. The older brother thinks he caused the divorce because of a really messy day with chocolate pudding all over him and his hungry little brother. Kids seem to enjoy this book a lot because of the humor and how it relates to their viewpoint about the basics of what happens to the kids when their parents don’t get along and they end up living in two households. This is a definite “repeat reader” type of book, likely to be asked for at story time more than once.

Today I ran across an interview entitled Divorce Today: Was It The Chocolate Pudding? with Sandra Levins that discusses both this book and an upcoming new book. She discusses the source of the ideas for the book, the intent, and the help she got from the American Psychological Association in getting it illustrated and published.

She also talks about her new book:

Do You Sing Twinkle? A Story about Remarriage and New Family

Due out in August 2009, Do You Sing Twinkle? is a story about the Chocolate Pudding boys who learn to share their newly-remarried mom with her new step daughters. Mom not only remarried and moved to another town, she has a new family, and “Mom shouldn’t sing ‘Twinkle’ to anybody but my brother and me.” Mom and Dad come together on this issue and offer some ideas that might help.

You can pre-order Do You Sing Twinkle?: A Story About Remarriage and New Family from The publisher’s description of the book is:

Mom has a new family! She has a new husband who is not my dad, and worst of all, new kids. Girls! Just as it feels for the young child in “Do You Sing Twinkle?” living apart from a parent can be a hard adjustment for kids. And, when that parent remarries and has stepchildren, things can get really confusing for kids! Told from a young boy’s point of view, the book sensitively addresses many questions that children may have while adjusting to remarriage and joint-custody situations. Kids and parents will learn good and easy ways to stay connected all around helping kids to feel special and loved. A ‘Note to Parents’ is included that will help parents talk to their children and deal with common but difficult emotions as they adjust to all the changes in their lives. This title addresses directly the kinds of issues kids face when parents divorce and remarry. It tackles difficulties of separated parents, stepparents, and step-siblings. It is a ‘read aloud’ book that is suitable for very young children but readable by second graders.

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