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Life Extension Foundation offers some of the most innovative health supplement products. They often sponsor research studies to determine what supplements work and what dosages are required to be beneficial and safe. They are great at spreading the news about new research findings, and are often battling with the US government to keep the Feds from messing up the citizen’s ability to buy beneficial dietary supplements. However, one downside is that their products are not the cheapest on the block.

One of the least expensive sources we have found for Life Extension’s products is the BoomJ Store. BoomJ often has prices on single-quantity orders that beat the quantity 4+ member prices on Life Extension’s own web site. BoomJ is also a social networking site. Considering their target audience is the “over 35” crowd, we can see why they would be interested in offering competitive prices on dietary supplements.

For comparison, one of Life Extension’s popular products is their Super Booster with Advanced Vitamin K2 Complex that contains 60 softgels of high gamma vitamin E, large doses of vitamin K1 and K2 (both the MK-4 and MK-7 forms!), and many other important nutrients. It’s a great product to combine with a high quality multivitamin. As you may know, vitamin K helps the body make use of calcium, build bone density, and prevent atherosclerosis buildup with calcium deposits. Most multivitamins have little if any vitamin K of any kind, let alone the K2 forms that are particularly beneficial due to being better absorbed and acting far longer in the body than the more common vitamin K1.

But you may notice the list price is $42.00 for one bottle that lasts two months at the recommended one softgel per day dosage. As much as I like Life Extension products, that’s expensive for most people. If you joined Life Extension as a member (often about $75 per year) and bought 4 or more bottles of this product, you’d be able to buy them for $28.50 each. That’s a big savings, and pays for the membership if you buy a year’s supply of 6 bottles.

But even that discounted price is not as good as the savings on the same product at BoomJ’s Store.

Click on over to the product at BoomJ here and you’ll see it offered for $23.93 in quantity one, $4.57 better than Life Extension’s best direct price. Most other Life Extension products are available at a similar great savings at BoomJ. That makes it easy to try out new Life Extension supplements at a great price.

Of course, if you’re a penny-pincher like most of us have to be these days, keep in mind that Life Extension has Overstock Sales that often offer even better values on selected products. For instance, right now you can get a bottle of their 500mg Pomegranate Extract Capsules for $6.83 per bottle, a big savings off the $19.50 list price. As you may know, pomegranate extract is excellent at helping to reduce the buildup of arterial plaque, but it’s hard to drink enough sweet pomegranate juice to get significant benefit and not gain weight. So extracts are a great way to benefit from pomegranate.

BoomJ Store offers the same Life Extension pomegranate extract product, but it’s $11.51 per bottle — almost twice as much as the overstock sale price.

When Life Extension has their special sales it means you should really take advantage of them while they last for the products you use or want to try. Their current overstock sale expires April 6, 2009, but some popular items have already been sold out.

If you’re a Life Extension fan, I’d encourage you to price-shop on Life Extension’s and BoomJ’s web sites when ordering your dietary supplements. You could save a bundle and still get the exact same innovative Life Extension products!

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