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Finding Savings $$$ on Microsoft Windows 7

November 6th, 2009 No comments

We don’t usually write technology articles here, but with the Windows 7 hoopla many people are rushing out to buy upgrades and are paying more than necessary. This is especially the case for households that have more than one computer and/or have university students.

Family Pack Upgrade for 3 PCs For Under $150

While the list price for the Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade for a single PC is $120, it’s easily possible to get licenses for 3 PCs in the same home for just a little more than that. Costco is selling 3 PC upgrades “for a limited time, until supplies run out” for $135. It’s also available from many other vendors, too, but they are usually a little more expensive, perhaps $150. Staples is selling it for $150, and if you find one of their $30 off $150 coupons, it can be a little less expensive there.

Upgrades for College/University Students for $29.95!

Ed Bott’s article Seven perfectly legal ways to get Windows 7 cheap (or even free) outlines a number of other ways to get big discounts on Windows 7, particularly for college students and IT professionals. One of the best is the $29.95 upgrade offer for a digital download of either Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional for currently enrolled college students. The offer expires on January 3, 2010.

Buy a New PC With Windows 7, Get Upgrade for 50% Off

Through January 2, 2010, an offer that likely applies to most folks thinking of buying a new PC plus upgrading an old one is this buy a new PC with Windows 7 installed, get Windows 7 (any version) for up to 50% off offer from Microsoft and a variety of retail partners. These include Costco and The new PC you buy must come with Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate for this offer to apply. If you buy one and then upgrade your main PC to Windows 7 Ultimate (which has the “remote desktop” feature) on the offer described above, you’d save $80 to $100 versus the typical cost of that upgrade, a nice chunk of the price of a new notebook computer.
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