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Reader Feedback on San Diego Judge Lisa Schall

January 25th, 2010 5 comments
Judge Lisa Schall
Judge Lisa Schall

Today we received some interesting feedback on our article regarding San Diego’s abusive reckless drunk driver Judge Lisa Schall from a reader who has experienced what it’s like to appear in front of her. This reader has a lot of experience in courts in multiple states and believes that Schall may be the worst judge the reader has encountered. The reader believes we’ve given Schall and other bad judges too many outs and means to scapegoat others (such as the legislature) for their bad decisions and haven’t pointed out enough effective ways for the public to fight these bad judges. In my view these comments are pretty much on the mark and open up further points for discussion, so I’d like to share them with our other readers. Also, at the end of this posting are two poll questions on which I’d appreciate your feedback.
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