Swanson Health Products 10% Off, 2-for-1 Sale, Free Cookbook

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Here’s a promotional code for 10% off orders at Swanson Health Products. Enter INTB028 as a promotional code via the link in the upper right of their web page to get 10% off your order. I tried it successfully on December 7, 2009.

They are giving away free cookbooks with orders over $65.

They also have a buy one get one free sale on more than one hundred products. Some of the particularly interesting products in this sale include:

High Potency Vitamin D3: This is a really great price. Get two bottles of 2000 IU vitamin D3 capsules, 250 capsules per bottle, for $6.39. Compare this to Costco’s Kirkland Signature™ Vitamin D3 2000 I.U. 600 Softgels at $13.99 at you’ll see that you’ll get 78 capsules per dollar versus 42 softgels per dollar. With the 10% discount code INTB028, you can get almost 87 capsules per dollar!

Nattozimes: Nattokinase is a proteolytic originally derived from Japanese fermented soy natto. It breaks up proteins such as scars and clots and may be helpful for maintaining cardiovascular health.

EstroX: This supplement contains a mix of compounds that may help reduce levels of estrogens and estrogen-like (xenoestrogen) compounds commonly released by food processing and plastics, including bisphenol A which mimics the action of estrogen in the human body. They include 150mg of chrysin, 68mg of citrus bioflavonoids, 60mg of diindolylmethane, 38mg of quercetin dihydrate, 30mg of apigenin, and 8mg each of green tea polyphenols and resveratrol. This product is probably best for men, but might also be useful for women with estrogen-dependent cancers. Men over age 30 commonly experience the destructive cycle of fat cells converting their testosterone into estradiol (a common form of estrogen) and thereby encouraging the growth of even more fat cells. The compounds in this supplement can bind to and block estrogen receptors involved in estrogen-dependent cancers such as ovarian and prostate cancers, so it may also be a useful preventive measure or an adjunct to medical treatment for such cancers.

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