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If you’re getting ready for the upcoming flu and cold season, be sure to check out the current sale on selected immune boosting products at Swanson Health Products. The sale runs through midnight on September 21, 2009. Enter SEPTSAVE for the coupon code for the sale. This article highlights astragalus root and zinc lozenge products on sale and provides pointers to articles on other immune boosting supplements such as vitamin D3, N-acetylcysteine, elderberry, and others.

Astragalus Root for Immune Boosting

Of the several products discounted for this sale, one that has a notable long-term reputation but is not widely known to many Westerners is the Chinese herb known as Huang Qi or Astragalus Root. You may have previously read about astragalus in our articles on the TA-65 telomerase activation protocol for extending health and life. In addition to being the herb from which TA-65 telomerase activators are extracted, astragalus has a couple thousands years history of use in traditional Chinese medicine for boosting the immune system.

Chinese and Western alternative medicine research indicates that there are significant reasons this traditional use for astragalus should be viewed with credibility. It appears to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties. It has relatively minimal side effects and interactions, the main ones being that it is a mild diuretic and that it can interact adversely with immunosuppression drugs commonly used for organ transplant patients.

Swanson Premium Astragalus Root is regularly priced at $3.59 for a bottle of 100 capsules of 470mg each. On sale, it is $2.69. This is a non-standardized herb product, meaning that the exact dosage you get of active ingredients is somewhat uncertain. As astragalus is viewed as generally safe at low to medium dosages, it is suggested to simply take one of the 470mg capsules three times per day as a preventative measure or two capsules three times per day if you’re sick.

Alternatively, you can choose to pay more for a standardized astragalus root product and use fewer capsules. The cost per bottle in this case tends to go up past $15 per similar sized bottle. A couple of options if you choose to go this route are:

Swanson Superior Herbs Astragalus 500mg 120 capsules
(standardized to 0.5% hydroxy-3-methoxy-isoflavone-7)

Nature’s Plus Astragalus 450mg 60 capsules
(standardized to 0.4% 4-hydroxy-3-methoxyisoflavone-7)

Zinc & Vitamin C Lozenges

If you are in the early stages of a viral infection such as a cold or flu, zinc and vitamin C lozenges are a good option if you keep them on hand to use early. If you start taking a couple of these per day at the first symptoms, there is evidence that you’ll shorten the duration and reduce the intensity of the common cold as the zinc impedes the initial viral attack against throat and mucous tissues if you start using these lozenges early.

Swanson Premium Zinc & C Lozenges provide 25mg of zinc and 100mg of vitamin C per lozenges with 200 lozenges per package for $3.14, a small discount from the regular price of $3.49. It’s good to have these on hand before you need them because if you wait to start taking them until having full-blown symptoms, they will not be as effective.

One caution with zinc lozenges is to not take them for more than a few days at a time. Research suggests that if you take more than about 100mg per day of zinc for more than a few days, it may suppress the immune system rather than enhance it. It’s good to be aware of the zinc you get through regular supplements and to not use more than 100mg per day of zinc for more than a few days at a time during the start of cold or flu infections.

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