Life Extension Annual Super Sale to February 1, 2010

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Through February 1, 2010, Life Extension is offering an additional 10% discount to members on nearly all of its products during its Annual Super Sale.

Join Life Extension for $25

If you’re not already a member, you can join for $25. This qualifies you for the regular 25% off discount offered to members plus the added 10% off for the Annual Super Sale. The discount code for this offer is SSX901E.

New And Improved Products At Discounts Up to 52%

The Annual Super Sale also features several new products and improved formulations of existing products at even larger discounts with many at about 40% or more off regular prices. Visit the Annual Super Sale web page for more details. The discount code for these prices is SSL901D.

These discounts should appear automatically in your shopping cart, but if not then use the discount codes supplied above.

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