Life Extension’s Overstock Sale Ends April 6, 2009

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This is a friendly reminder that Life Extension’s Overstock Sale ends on April 6, 2009. Also, Life Extension has just started their Life Extension Blood Testing sale. Rather than arguing with your doctor about why you need certain tests to monitor your health, it may be easier and cheaper to just get them during their sale.

Life Extension Overstock Sale - Save 60% to 80%

Nutritional supplements are often hit-or-miss, especially without extensive testing to determine blood serum levels of nutrients or hormones in order to select supplements and determine appropriate dosages. However, some supplements are very widely applicable and likely worth a try for a month or two if you have symptoms that they may address. We’ll briefly discuss five of the Life Extension products presently on sale that are widely applicable, even if you are already in good health. This discussion largely applies to similar supplements from any quality manufacturer, not just Life Extension.


If you’re trying to improve your cardiovascular and bone health, supplementing with methyl donors is one way to help your body keep dangerous homocysteine levels in check, raise protective levels of antioxidant, and reduce homocysteine-induced damage to collagen in the bones. TMG (trimethylglycine) is a methyl-donor that helps the body convert dangerous homocysteine to beneficial methionine and SAMe. As you may know, SAMe supplements are expensive. Some similar benefits can be achieved by taking TMG because the body can recycle homocysteine into SAMe if it has enough methyl donors (such as TMG and choline), folate, and vitamins B6 and B12. Studies have found that using SAMe supplements helps alleviate depression, therefore it is likely that taking TMG may also help with depression by boosting SAMe levels. We’d suggest taking one 500mg TMG tablet two to eight times per day depending upon your homocysteine levels and overall health.

Homocysteine Reduction

TMG (trimethylglycine), 500 mg 180 tablets

TMG (trimethylglycine), 500 mg 180 tablets

TMG 500 mg, 180 tablets
Life Extension Item Catalog Number: 00359

TMG is also called glycine betaine, but the name tri-methylglycine signifies that it has three methyl groups attached to each molecule of glycine. Betaine was discovered to be beneficial to heart health by helping to convert harmful homocysteine into beneficial methionine and SAMe.

Vitamin B12 in Methylcobalamin Form

If you’re suffering from high homocysteine, low energy, fatigue, depression, or canker sores, you may want to try vitamin B12 methylcobalamin tablets. We’d suggest taking one 5000mcg methylcobalamin tablet each day or every other day.

Terrific Deal on Sublingual B12 5000mcg Lozenges

Methylcobalamin, 5 mg 60 lozenges (to be dissolved in the mouth)

Methylcobalamin, 5 mg 60 lozenges (to be dissolved in the mouth)

Methylcobalamin 5 mg
60 lozenges
Life Extension Item Catalog Number: 00537

Vitamin B12 deficiencies have been linked to elevated homocysteine levels (an indicator of cardiovascular health risk), depression, canker sores, lethargy, fatigue, and nervous system damage. Vitamin B12 is provided in foods of animal origin, including dairy products and eggs, making vegetarians and especially vegans more susceptible to a dietary deficiency. The methylcobalamin form of B12 is superior in absorption and effectiveness versus the cyanocobalamin form.

Pomegranate Extract

If you’ve got elevated LDL cholesterol, diabetes, familial risk for prostate cancer, or vascular disease including high blood pressure and/or atherosclerosis, pomegranate extract is an excellent supplement. You get the health benefits of pomegranate without the high-carbohydrate calories of pomegranate juice. We’d suggest one or two capsules for a total of about 500mg to 1000mg daily.

Pomegranate: Powerful Protection for Aging Arteries — and Much More

Pomegranate Extract Capsules, 30 vegetarian capsules

Pomegranate Extract Capsules, 30 vegetarian capsules

Pomegranate Extract Capsules
30 vegetarian capsules
Life Extension Item Catalog Number: 00956

Pomegranate contains high levels of antioxidants. Multiple studies show it is particularly effective at reducing and even reversing the accumulation of arterial plaque.

Polyphenols and Cocoa Extract

Life Extension’s Super Polyphenol Extracts with CocoaGold can help raise nitric oxide levels in the blood, thus dilating arteries, lowering blood pressure, and reducing or preventing damage to the inside of blood vessels such as atherosclerosis. We’d suggest one or two capsules per day.

High Blood Pressure

Super Polyphenol Extracts with CocoaGold™, 30 vegetarian capsules

Super Polyphenol Extracts with CocoaGold™, 30 vegetarian capsules

Super Polyphenol Extracts with CocoaGold&#8482

30 vegetarian capsules
Life Extension Item Catalog Number: 00994

Polyphenols are powerful natural nutrients that act as antioxidants, protecting against the attacks of free radicals in the body. Cocoa polyphenol extract can help lower blood pressure.

Boosting Superoxide Dismutase Antioxidant

Antioxidants neutralize free radical, molecules with extra oxygen attached. Free radicals come in many forms. Not every antioxidant can neutralize every kind of free radical. One of the most important antioxidants is Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). Until recently, it was also very hard to raise the level of SOD in the blood via oral supplements. GliSODin was developed to package SOD in a “wrapper” that protects it from damage by stomach acid before it can be absorbed in the intestines. Life Extension’s SODzyme® with GliSODin® & Wolfberry combines enzymes along with the special GliSODin that together boost the body’s level of SOD, thus reducing levels of dangerous free radicals such as the superoxide and hydrogen peroxide radicals. Wolfberry is another name for the Goji berry often used in Chinese medicine. We’d suggest three capsules per day taken on an empty stomach. Taking them immediately upon waking is excellent, but there’s an argument to be made for leveling out the effect by taking one or two of them between meals two or more hours after eating and an hour before eating again.

Superoxide Dismutase: Boosting the Body’s Primary Antioxidant Defense

SODzyme with GliSODin® & Wolfberry, 90 vegetarian capsules

SODzyme with GliSODin® & Wolfberry, 90 vegetarian capsules

SODzyme® with GliSODin® & Wolfberry
90 vegetarian capsules
Life Extension Item Catalog Number: 00961

The body’s supply of youthful antioxidant enzymes such as superoxide dismutase (SOD) rapidly decreases with age. SODzyme® with GliSODin® & Wolfberry combines three advanced SOD catalysts to boost SOD levels and neutralize dangerous free radicals.

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